Chiquita Thomas Empowers All Ages and Genders with Holistic Hair and Skin Care Solutions through Her Baltimore-Based Business, Naturale Beautie

By Aaron Webb on May 4, 2023

Chiquita Thomas

Baltimore, MD – Chiquita Thomas, born and raised Baltimore, MD, is breaking new ground in the beauty industry with her business, Naturale Beautie. Launched in January 2021, Naturale Beautie offers a range of natural hair and skin care products, including oils, hair growth treatments, moisturizers, body scrubs, and face serums, all crafted to provide customers with better hair and skin care solutions.

After struggling to find hair care products that worked for her own hair, Chiquita decided to take matters into her own hands, creating her own line of natural products. Naturale Beautie aims to help women of all ages (especially those suffering from hair loss) achieve thicker, healthier hair and improved skin care.

What sets Naturale Beautie apart from the competition is Chiquita’s dedication to understanding the unique needs of African American individuals and their hair. Her passion for self-care and her commitment to providing customers with safe, effective products are what make Naturale Beautie the go-to choice for natural hair and skin care solutions in Baltimore.

As a solo entrepreneur, Chiquita’s greatest support comes from her significant other, who acts as her financial advisor. She credits the birth of her children as the most significant personal event in her life and her first pop-up shop as the most significant business event. The pop-up shop not only allowed her to make valuable connections within her community.

Chiquita Thomas

Although Chiquita doesn’t currently provide discounts for military personnel or other special groups, she does offer holiday season discounts such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gift bags filled with trinkets and goodies. She hopes to collaborate with a charitable organization in the future to give back to her community.

Chiquita is a proud member of, a local business networking group, and holds an Associate’s Degree in Health and Human Services from Ultimate Medical Academy. When she’s not revolutionizing the beauty industry, Chiquita loves spending time with her family, hiking, and spending time at the Baltimore Harbor.

As Naturale Beautie is in the midst of relaunching, Chiquita will be one of the vendors at the Blank Slate Store in Annapolis, MD on May 21st, 2023. By the way, don’t miss the Black Renaissance Juneteenth event taking place on June 16th, 2023 at 311 N. Warwick Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21223. DMV residents who attend can look forward to seeing her amazing line of natural hair and skin care products. Chiquita’s ultimate message for her customers is simple: “To love themselves and for them to choose themselves.”

To learn more about Naturale Beautie and Chiquita Thomas, visit their website below or follow them on social media.


Name: Chiquita Thomas

Title: CEO


Phone: (667) 786-9571


Author: Aaron Webb

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