Family Roofing and Restoration

By Deb DiBiasie on February 26, 2021

Laya Laboe, founder and owner of Family Roofing and Restoration of Lakewood Colorado, is far from the typical roofing company proprietor. This unique company goes over and above to deliver a full list of home restoration services that support families on both ends.

Laya primarily hires mothers. Everybody who has been involved in her company has a family. The reason she hires mothers is that she has been in the roofing industry long enough to know that the average roofer does not have an ethical mindset, so he is not somebody she would want to work with.  She decided to groom the best employees to provide customers with a qualified professional solution that delivers.

She also loves hiring salespeople who can make their own hours and earn a fairly lucrative income with a little amount of effort. She also loves providing an ideal opportunity to busy mothers who have a few hours in the week that want to support their family financially.

Moms can do any part of the job they wish, from assessment to actually performing the restoration if they are skilled.

Laya received training as an insurance adjuster, which allows her the ability to assist clients with the process of filing claims and works diligently to get the maximum amount of insurance proceeds possible to cover storm-related damages to a person’s home.

“We do full roof replacements, gutters, siding, window replacements, masonry work, flooring, replace awnings, interior, exterior, or whatever the client needs, really to restore their homes. Something different with my company is that we are a professional, full-service interior/exterior home restoration company,” she explained

Her personal motto is that they are positioned to always deliver a five-star service no matter what it is. For the last 3 years, all of their work was based on raving referrals by customers sharing how Family Roofing over-delivered.

When anyone experiences a catastrophe in their home, and they’re at a loss, it’s heartbreaking. Especially when they have to contact multiple trades and coordinate things. It can be overwhelming. “So we are happy to let them know they only have to deal with one person, and I will manage it all. It becomes comforting for them to know that I care about their outcome being a 5-star experience. I feel that’s what sets us apart. We are willing to do all the work even if it’s not profitable because we want that 5-Star customer service experience every time.”

Laya can say this confidently as she primarily services the needs for single-family residential homes in need of restoration because of the loyal relationships she has nurtured over the past 10 years working with the same sub-contractors. “We trust each other,” which is so important in life, never mind the trades. She has utilized the better business bureau to find reputable sub-contractors because you can find out their grade, complaints, how they address the complaints, and so on.

“I am great to the subcontractors with my prompt payment and no haggling policy. I have become very fortunate that I am their priority for a lot of their work because of this. We all take care of each other delivering restoration services, with our highest insurance claims being triggered by hailstorms in a 50-mile radius of Lakewood Colorado,” she said.

Family Roofing and Restoration also installs new roofs and does a free upgrade to include impact-resistant shingles that will stand up against tough weather during the next hailstorm. Depending on the insurance company, this free upgrade gives them a 25% deduction on their home insurance premiums.

This is another reason to go with Laya when choosing a residential roofing and restoration company. She takes pride in knowing everything she can do to help her customer and is always on top of changes that benefit homeowners that they would never know existed.

Incorporated in 2001, she began working in the spring of 2012. Laya believes in the art and gift of referral marketing. As they rise above in this industry as a full-service resource, reducing the headache for their customers, all their jobs have been through the referral of a satisfied customer.

Laya was graduated with a B.S. degree from Boston College. Her father was a US diplomat, and she was born in Panama while he was on assignment with the State Department. Though mostly, she grew up in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.  Laya is skilled in many capacities with an extensive level of knowledge of things in all the right areas. In and around 2000, she was performing tasks in the marketing arena and doing print material in Boulder, Colorado.

In 2001, she received a job request from a roofer to provide him with a promotional packet for presenting contracts. At the time, she knew nothing about roofing and really didn’t know how to best promote him. He didn’t have a website or anything for my information. So, she asked to shadow him on his roofing sales job. Before long, she was well equipped to produce a winning promo kit for a commercial roofing company representative in Denver.

In the next journey in her life, she found herself in Texas with her family in 2008. Unlike today, doing business strictly online back then was not normal, and because of that, her business fell off. She was ok with it because she really needed a change, so she took a job in sales. It so happened that the highest number of sales jobs were for roofing companies. Seeing that it was a good fit, having had training in roofing through her previous employment gig, she soared until 2011.

Then, after being a general manager for a roofing company that had reputation and ethics issues, she had had enough with sleazy roofing contractors and began her own reputable full-service company managing about 8 different sub-contractor crews, each with a different set of skills in the trades that allow her to offer a full-service one-stop solution for residential restoration.

Laya shared a very uplifting story, most roofing company owners could never share.

A couple purchased a roof in the fall for installment in the spring. By the time Laya arrived to install the roof, she learned that the husband had recently passed away. This couple was rare, they were deeply in love after being together for 40 years, with a sizable family. The homeowner, Marie, was lost and needed more than just a roof to be fixed. At this point, Laya was able to put on her counseling hat, as she also went to graduate school to be a counselor. She was able to help Marie process some emotions that came with her deep grief. Since then, the families have become long-time friends and get together quite frequently.

Laya is talented and gifted with an uncommon and unique set of skills. She is the type of person that assesses things quickly and goes into problem-solving action. Through Family Roofing and Restoration, she delivers quality performance with heart, soul, and healing on so many levels as a full-service residential restoration company. These qualities are very rare in this industry. She is also a trained qigong instructor, trained in hypnotherapy, healing touch, tai chi, polarity therapy, a fertility specialist, and a big advocate of meditation and the natural healing arts.

Being versatile in your skills really pays off when it comes to understanding people and their needs. At the end of the day, it’s really about the people who are part of your business and how well you serve their needs that counts.

Laya gives a thousand-dollar discount to senior citizens and the military. She donates to Greenpeace and Smile Train, which are great organizations that work mostly with people in India by doing a simple surgery to fix cleft lips for people, transforming their lives.

In between running a full-service business and raising 2 children, she somehow has found time to continue her education, taking classes at the small business development center and strengthening relationships networking with women in a roofing contracting organization.

Laya shared how blessed she was to have her mom living with her to help with a lot of things that go into running a business, raising 2 children, and maintaining a healthy relationship with her husband, who was born in Colorado and works for the local public health department. As a family, they love hiking, biking, and camping with 2 daughters, ages 5 and 2, that are super bright, gifted, and as talented as their mother.

We will have to catch up with Laya in 2022 when she introduces a new layer of her Family Roofing and Restoration business that will benefit a lot of families in the area. She could not yet say more other than that they have a 147-page business plan that outlines it all.

Whatever it is, it will be “over” delivered with excellence, style, and grace that you can trust.

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