Local Construction Company is Rescuing Realtors During Charlotte Real Estate Boom

By Trevor Eisenman on March 6, 2021

Ashbe Stanley

For the past 3 years, Charlotte’s E.A.S. Preservation team has been restoring homes, top to bottom. They have all angles of home care and restoration construction covered, from painting, lawn care, molding, flooring, property management “& more.”

“What makes us different is that we make the buying, selection, and production process seamless,” said Ashbe Stanley, the company’s spokesperson. “We are a contractor for everything involving real estate restoration and preservation, with a long list of industry relationships we can leverage on the clients’ behalf.”

Ashbe and his wife Emily are the owners of E.A.S. Preservation & More, LLC. The company initials stand for “Everyone Achieves Success,” which is the company’s business philosophy and their personal mantra. They moved to Charlotte in 2001 after working in various industries such as retail, food, and sales. Always entrepreneurial, they wanted to provide value by increasing the value of physical assets. Becoming a real estate restoration contractor was a perfect choice.

Originally attending Queens University in Charlotte, they adopted the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets as their favorite teams to support and follow. Downtown Charlotte is a favorite haunt, and they love visiting Lake Norman with red-nosed Koda, their rescued pit bull.

Ashbe and Emily are what we like to call Local Biz Heros; self-made entrepreneurs who bring true value to their community. High standards of professionalism and the strong work ethic of small business owners like Ashbe and Emily are the infrastructures of Charlotte’s economy.

E.A.S Preservation also supports the community through volunteering, working with Charlotte’s United Way, local church food drives, and participating in bible studies. The Stolen Lunches’ Blessing Bags charity program is a great example, as well as doing long-term volunteer work with a shelter for young children in bad situations. Ashbe teaches team-building, financial, work, and communication skills to these youths, building Charlotte’s future one youngster at a time.

E.A.S. Preservation & More, LLC

We sat down with the entrepreneurial couple for a quick interview –

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: “As a minority-owned and women-led company, our core goal is that Everyone Achieves Success. We realized that homeowners are often jerked around by insurance companies after a storm or disaster when they need their insurance the most, ” Ashbe explained. “Our expertise in dealing with insurance carriers and helping homeowners get the funds they need to repair or restore their house sets us apart from the competition while also being personally fulfilling.”

Q: How did you get into this profession?

A: “In past careers, working for other companies often meant selling things of low importance at a high cost. Becoming entrepreneurs and focusing on high-value services for high-value physical assets felt right. Especially now, with Real Estate booming in Charlotte, house inventory is low and both sellers and Realtors are scrambling to get houses ready.”
Ashbe added, modestly, “Our team of skilled workers and contractors plus our insurance expertise is sometimes the key to saving the Realtor and the seller so they can achieve success without a hitch.”

Q: Being a Restoration Contractor must present a variety of challenges. What’s the most difficult problem you had to face? 

A: “To be honest,” admitted Ashbe with a grin, “I had to conquer my own fear of getting on a roof! Some houses are pretty tall, but helping homeowners often meant shadowing insurance inspectors anywhere and everywhere. It took a combination of reading books, the movie ‘Valley Uprising,’ a surprise gift (skydiving), and faith to get me over the hump. But I did it, and now I can help others to do the same.”

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a restoration contractor, what would it be?

A: “Make sure your contractor is asking you more questions than you are asking them!”

For those of you hiring a professional construction contractor for any type of preservation or restoration work, Ashbe, Emily, and the E.A.S. Preservation team should be your first choice. E.A.S Preservation & More offers a 10% discount on any initial service, referral bonuses, and often has a substantial discount if you request a property assessment.

Ask for the current discount when you call 704-999-6402 or visit:  https://www.easpreservation.com – Everyone Achieves Success!


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