Meet Austin and Hunter Morris: The Dynamic Duo Behind Freedom Moving

By Lucas Boyd on June 28, 2024

Freedo Moving - Relocate with ease services

Fairhope, AL – In the heart of Baldwin County, you’ll find a pair of identical twins, Austin and Hunter Morris, who are making waves in the moving industry. Together, they own and operate Freedom Moving, a company dedicated to easing the burden of relocation for their clients.

A Name with Meaning

The name Freedom Moving isn’t just a catchy title; it holds deep significance. Stemming from their family’s military background, the name embodies the essence of freedom and the ability to relocate with ease. It’s a tribute to their heritage and a reflection of the themes they wanted their business to represent.

Freedo Moving - Relocate with ease 2

Services Beyond Expectations

Initially focused on moving services, Freedom Moving has expanded over the past year to include packing services. The goal is simple: to take the stress and physical burden off their customers. Moving can be an overwhelming experience, but Austin and Hunter’s team handles everything from packing materials to logistics and manual labor, turning what would be days of effort for their clients into just a few hours of work.

Serving the Gulf Coast and Beyond

Freedom Moving primarily serves Baldwin County, Mobile County, and the Gulf Coast region. However, their services extend beyond these local moves, reaching into Southern states like Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Their diverse clientele ranges from college students moving apartments to elderly individuals transitioning to retirement homes. Most of their customers are in their 40s and 50s, but they are equipped to handle moves for anyone in need.

Growing Together

Austin and Hunter have been in the moving business for four years, with Freedom Moving celebrating its second anniversary on June 10th. They previously worked for another moving company, Big Fish Moving, before deciding to start their own venture. This experience has been invaluable in shaping their business. What started with just the two brothers has now grown to a team of six, and they are looking to purchase their first truck to meet the demands of their steady business growth.

Community Roots

Both Austin and Hunter have deep roots in the Gulf Shores/Fairhope area, having lived there their entire lives. They cherish the sense of community, the proximity to downtown, the parks, and the beautiful views. Fairhope, slightly less crowded than Gulf Shores, provides the perfect backdrop for their family and business.

Personal and Professional Milestones

For Austin, becoming a father has been a transformative experience. His toddler, now one year and five months old, has taught him patience and the importance of teamwork with his fiancé. On the business front, starting Freedom Moving to support his family has been a significant milestone, and he views it as a blessing. Hunter, too, is in a serious relationship, adding to the strong family bonds that both brothers prioritize.

Life by the Water

Austin and Hunter enjoy spending their free time at the beach and engaging in activities like boating, fishing, and wakeboarding. These hobbies are not only a source of relaxation but also a way to connect with each other and their loved ones. Family plays a central role in their lives, and they often find joy in sharing these experiences with those they care about.

Commitment to Service and Community

Freedom Moving offers special discounts to military personnel and first responders, reflecting their appreciation for those who serve. They also support local community events, such as providing free delivery services for a large annual rummage sale.

Freedo Moving - Relocate with ease 2

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Austin and Hunter are eager to continue growing their business and increasing their community involvement. They are also excited about the possibility of establishing an online presence with a new website, which would help them reach even more clients.

The Best Move You’ll Ever Make

Freedom Moving’s tagline, “The Best Move You’ll Ever Make,” isn’t just a slogan—it’s a promise. Austin and Hunter are committed to ensuring that every move is as stress-free and efficient as possible, leaving their customers with a smile on their faces.

In a world where moving can be one of the most stressful events, Austin and Hunter Morris stand out as beacons of reliability and community spirit. With their deep local roots and dedication to excellent service, Freedom Moving truly embodies the best of what a local business can offer.

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