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By Les Cseh on April 8, 2022

Jamika, Mobile Notary Public

Someone just got hurt on the job. You can’t leave, you need to set up a drug test in the next hour for the injured employee, but you also need papers notarized by the end of the day. What in the world will you do? What if I told you there was someone that could help with all of those problems, and more?! Jamika Kemper, owner of “Jamika, Mobile Notary Public” can do it! She is located in St Louis, Missouri and covers the surrounding area, up to 70 miles. They are always “Mobile and Available!”

The services Jamika and her team provide are; notary services, loan signing, field inspections, mobile drug testing, fingerprinting and home care services. I asked why she chose this business to go into. She replied with, “Some of my home care clients were needing these mobile services, and COVID was a perfect time to start this part of the business, as people could not access these services that were not mobile”.

Jamika has a staff of 24, 4 in office and 20 in the field. I asked if there was anyone in particular she’d like to mention. She immediately replied with, “Martha Jones and Darelle Simmons. They offer, five star CSR that keeps clients coming back. Anthony Wager, his assistance with mobile COVID testing was absolutely invaluable”. I asked her what she thought sets her business apart from others. “On top of the mobile notary services, I also provide mobile drug testing, fingerprinting and home care services,” Jamika replied. Jamika noted that she has been a registered nurse for the last 10 years. I then asked if she could give a tip to someone for choosing a notary, what would it be? She said simply, “Someone that is knowledgeable and presents themselves well with their clients”.

Jamika Kemper

I asked Jamika some questions geared more towards her personal life, to get to know her a little better. She has lived in the St. Louis area all her life. I asked her what she liked most about the area, she said, “The diversity of people”. Jamika is engaged with seven children! I went on to ask what was the most significant event that has happened in her life and she answered, “I had a client a few years back whose mother had passed away. I was able to provide so many of the services she required because of the many avenues my business and my expertise in areas she needed information and direction in”. In her spare time, Jamika loves to travel.

If you are in need of a notary, need home health care, mobile drug testing, or are in need of fingerprinting – whether it be to come to you, or you can go to them, keep Jamika, Mobile Notary Public at the front of your mind. Her team of 20 field employees are always “Mobile and Available” to help you out.

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