Riding into Style and Safety: ReSale Riding Store, Your Equestrian Destination in Bonita Springs

By Tabitha Premnath on January 9, 2024

Riding into Style and Safety

Bonita Springs, FL – In the heart of Bonita Springs, where vibrant businesses converge at the local flea market, stands a haven for equestrians – the ReSale Riding Store, owned and passionately curated by Tammy Kaspar. As the CEO and founder, Tammy brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to her store, making it the go-to destination for equestrian enthusiasts seeking not just apparel but an immersive experience in the world of riding.

Riding into Style and Safety

Tammy’s store is not merely a marketplace; it’s a solution center. She addresses the challenges riders face in finding the right fit and style. ReSale Riding Store offers a unique opportunity to try on clothing, horse show attire, gloves and helmets, ensuring both safety and style are met. From breeches to tights, Tammy guides customers to the perfect attire for their specific riding style, be it trail riding, dressage, or competitive jumping.

Beyond being a store owner, Tammy has woven herself into the fabric of the community. Creating a Southwest Florida riding community on Facebook, she extends her expertise in classes, homeschool programs and horsemanship. Her diverse background in riding, coupled with over 10 years of teaching experience, positions her as a valuable resource and guide for equestrian enthusiasts of all levels.

At ReSale Riding Store, the tagline “Discover the value” encapsulates Tammy’s commitment to personal service and genuine connection. Treating customers like family, she goes beyond the sale, offering expert advice on the perfect fit and style for each rider. Her charisma and genuine interest in people make the ReSale Riding Store not just a shopping destination but a community hub for horse enthusiasts.

Since opening its doors on October 13, 2023, ReSale Riding Store has steadily grown, marking its first sale in July 2023. As the sole visionary behind the venture, Tammy plans to expand with a retail space in Bonita Springs, strategically positioning the store as a convenient midpoint for customers, equestrians, and stables alike.

Riding into Style and Safety

Tammy Kaspar’s journey with horses began at the age of 7 in her hometown, LaGrange, Illinois. After a hiatus during college, she reignited her passion at 30, delving into hunter, jumper, and eventually, the challenging world of eventing. In 2023, driven by her love for instruction and training, Tammy seized an opportunity in Bonita Springs, becoming an integral part of the equestrian community.

Tammy’s success is grounded in values, with the golden rule at the forefront – treat others as you wish to be treated. Her tip for others? Embrace life’s challenges, take risks, and have the strength to move forward, a philosophy that has undoubtedly contributed to her achievements.

For a unique equestrian shopping experience that blends style, safety, and genuine connection, visit ReSale Riding Store’s Facebook Page or website https://resaleridingstore.com/ today. Discover the value of personalized service and a community that shares your passion for riding. Ride into style, ride with confidence – ride with ReSale Riding Store.

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