Where To Go Travel Co—Helping You Plan Memorable Vacations

By Bobby Dewrell on August 23, 2022

Rose Woolsey, owner/travel advisor of Where To Go Travel Co., targets luxury travel experiences for her U.S. clients, especially those who have an appreciation in arts, performance, museums, and educational experiences.

The first nuances of her travel business concept began when Rose was planning trips to Hawaii for herself and friends wanting to visit the islands. When she became a mother, she recognized the very-real need for a more flexible schedule as well as the high value of being the architect of her own destiny…

…and Where To Go Travel Co was born.

Officially opened in 2020 just before the COVID pandemic hit, Where To Go Travel Co. was almost immediately presented a challenge in that no one could travel. Not to be derailed, Rose spent the time building her company and expanding her skills—learning about travel insurance, benefits, business systems and processes, how to navigate terms and conditions, the complications of crafting flexibility in convoluted planning, ensuring she had a solid business plan in place, and joining the business network BNI. Now, Rose says, she is very busy post pandemic as the value of a travel advisor has intensified.

Rose emphasizes the importance of choosing a travel advisor who knows you intimately to ensure your trip is the best possible, saying that choosing someone with whom you click in terms of personality ensures a good fit and, therefore, a fantastic trip plan and outcome. She is a staunch believer in being just as invested as those trusting her with their Where To Go Travel Co. adventures.

Where To Go Travel Co offers clients peace of mind in their booking, saving them time while ensuring their vacation has great quality. Rose is very detail oriented due to her science background which she believes is vital in traversing the complications of travel options. Excellent customer service skills, always being available for clients, and the ability to answer questions about a destination helped her grow a successful business.

Leisure time includes oil painting, engaging with others in her community, and donating to the Hawai’I ??? (not identified in the interview unless I missed it somehow)

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