804 Auto Repair – The area team you need!

By Les Cseh on May 10, 2021

Aaron Fleming

Aaron Fleming was working so hard to have it all come together, that he didn’t come up with the name “804 Auto Repair” until two weeks before his grand opening. He was more focused on putting together a team that had his quality of hard work and dedication. In a pinch, he was able to come up with a great name that everyone would easily remember. He knew that once his customers experienced the workmanship, they would recommend them to their family and friends. 

804 Auto Repair has been operating and growing since February 2016 in North Chesterfield, just outside of the Richmond, Virginia area. It covers a 30-mile radius with some customers traveling as far as 60 miles just for the service they provide. What a great indication of the quality and level of service that Aaron and his team produce, covering all of your mechanical needs.

Aaron has noticed that in this new era, automobile owners are really relying on their vehicles for the long haul. Aaron and his team are both honest and transparent. His clients come back and have spread the word about their experience, as it is so hard to find this approach to business.

Aaron has been a mechanic since 1994. He was inspired by the experience of the auto tech classes he took in high school. He doubted himself occasionally, but he successfully met his goals of being on a pro-racing team and setting up his shop. This is the guy you want to have on YOUR team!

Aaron is a good ol’ Southern boy, who just wants to do the right thing. His folks instilled great values in him from a young age. He spends his free time with his wife Angie and his 15-month old son, watching Sesame Street and feeling his Mom watch over them with a smile. Born in the area, he is a shining example of what he loves about Virginia – friendly, down-to-earth people. 

Life always presents challenges, and Aaron is no stranger to them. He shared quite the story with me. In his early 20’s, he suddenly found himself pinned in a terrible auto accident. A flame hit him in the cheek. He got angry and decided right then and there “I’M NOT GOING DOWN LIKE THIS!”. At which time, he kicked the window out and dragged himself away from the vehicle, despite having 8 broken bones and head trauma. Aaron gained a greater appreciation for life during his recovery. Even though it was the toughest thing he had ever gone through, it changed him in ways that made him feel more complete. 

804 Auto Repair

804 Auto Repair has seen a boost in business in the last few years, and Aaron is ready to expand. This is another great testament to his team’s hard work and dedication. It is hard to find the skilled labor with the know-how that it takes to be a part of 804’s team. 

Aaron and his team of four are backed by ASE certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, recognizing the quality of work that they do.  Once a year, they also serve their community by overhauling a fixer-upper vehicle and donating it to an individual or family in need. When asked what his slogan is, Aaron joked with “We do chicken right”! Aaron has offered a discount to anyone that mentions this article and the tagline.

Humor and great service, now that’s a combo to keep coming back for!!

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