EQL Threads: Redefining Adaptive Clothing with Equality and Style

By Royce Fianko on July 26, 2023


Dublin, CA – In a world where inclusivity and diversity are gaining recognition, Sandy Fong and her sister Candy Velasco are at the forefront of the movement with their groundbreaking adaptive clothing company, EQL Threads. This innovative company is set to revolutionize the way people with physical disabilities dress by offering fashionable and functional clothing options.


A Vision of Equality

Sandy Fong, along with her twin sister Candy Velasco, established EQL Threads with a mission to address the limited selection of adaptive clothing available. Sandy drew on her background as a piano teacher, and Candy drew on her background as an occupational therapist. They recognized the need for clothing that caters to individuals with physical disabilities.

Their commitment to equality and inclusivity is evident in their brand name, EQL Threads, which signifies their belief that everyone should have access to clothing that meets their unique needs. Sandy explains, “I wanted to send a message that we are all equal, regardless of our abilities. That’s why we came up with the name EQL Threads.”

Creating Functional and Stylish Solutions

EQL Threads goes beyond traditional adaptive clothing by infusing style and comfort into their designs. Sandy and Candy have introduced a range of innovative features such as replacing buttons with magnets or velcro, incorporating one-handed zippers and using soft, stretchy, breathable fabrics. Sandy describes their fabrics as “very soft, almost buttery. Some people even compare it to Lululemon leggings.” These unique adaptations enable individuals with physical disabilities to dress with ease and confidence, without compromising on fashion.

Serving a Diverse Audience

EQL Threads caters to individuals who lead active lives, juggling work, family and travel. Sandy and Candy prioritize understanding their customers’ needs and desires, meticulously crafting each design with attention to detail. By offering a wide range of styles and considering the psychology behind fashion choices, EQL Threads ensures that their customers feel empowered, comfortable and stylish in all aspects of their lives.

A Journey Fueled by Passion and Resilience

Despite not having officially launched yet, Sandy and Candy’s passion and dedication have remained unwavering. They have overcome challenges caused by supply chain issues and initial manufacturing setbacks, persevering and continuously refining their designs. With the launch on the horizon, EQL Threads is poised to introduce their adaptive clothing line to the market, providing a much-needed solution for individuals with physical disabilities.

Supporting the Community

EQL Threads is not just a business; it is a platform for change and advocacy. Sandy and Candy actively collaborate with individuals with disabilities who share their experiences to ensure that their clothing meets the specific needs of their customers. EQL Threads designs with their

customers not just for them. Additionally, EQL Threads is exploring partnerships with charitable organizations to further support and uplift the disabled community.

Looking to the Future

As EQL Threads prepares for its official launch, their vision is clear: “Our vision is to expand our product line and establish a strong online presence. We want to be the go-to destination for fashionable, inclusive clothing that celebrates individuality,” reveals Sandy. She envisions creating a brand that not only offers functional and stylish adaptive clothing but also fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment.

“We wanted to convey the message that we are all equal. That’s why we chose the name EQL Threads, as clothing threads run through all our lives. And ‘equal,’ spelled E-Q-L, represents equality,” Sandy Fong explained.

Sandy and Candy’s passion for equality, combined with their innovative approach to adaptive clothing, has laid the foundation for the success of EQL Threads. With their commitment to style, comfort and functionality, EQL Threads is well-positioned to transform the lives of individuals with physical disabilities, providing them with clothing that embraces their uniqueness.

Keep an eye out for EQL Threads’ official launch and join their movement by engaging with them via social media, as they work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world.

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