A Detail-Oriented Approach to Bookkeeping at JS Pro Bookkeeping Services

By Othy Morris on December 20, 2023

JS Pro Book Keeping Services

Mesa, AZ – At the heart of Mesa, Arizona’s bustling financial sector is JS Pro Bookkeeping Services, which is led by Jerry Scroggs. While the company officially launched in June 2023, Scroggs has been in the accounting field since 2002. During his career, Jerry has redefined personalized bookkeeping and accounting services, catering to a diverse range of clients across multiple states.

JS Pro Book Keeping Services

JS Pro Bookkeeping offers a comprehensive suite of services, including bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting, accounts payable and receivable management, tax filing and accounts auditing. Jerry’s commitment to detail and educational approach sets his business apart. He doesn’t just manage the books; he dedicates an hour each month to walking his clients through their financial statements, ensuring they comprehend and can leverage this information to improve their businesses.

One of the unique aspects of Jerry’s business is his focus on niche markets such as nail and hair salons, which have specific requirements because of their combination of inventory and service offerings. His first client was a nail salon, and since then, he has developed a keen understanding of the financial needs of similar businesses. Jerry is also an expert in HOA accounting, which varies greatly from more traditional business setups.

Jerry’s philosophy revolves around not just solving immediate accounting problems such as cleaning up disorganized books, but also imparting knowledge to his clients. He emphasizes the importance of hiring a bookkeeper who is more than just a data entry clerk, ensuring that they understand the nuances of the business and can contribute to its growth.

JS Pro Bookkeeping Service’s commitment to community shows in Jerry’s personal life. He contributes to local schools and donates monthly to the 700 club, highlighting his dedication to giving back. He is an avid angler and artist.

For potential customers looking to experience Jerry’s meticulous and educational bookkeeping approach, JS Pro Bookkeeping offers free one-hour consultations, with occasional discounts available for new sign-ups.

The best way to reach Jerry Scroggs and JS Pro Bookkeeping is via email at bookkeeping@jsprobookkeepingservices.com or by phone at 623-518-1312.

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