A Legacy of Innovation: Transforming Rieco-Titan for the Future

By Derryk Sivley on June 1, 2024

Reico Products

Paradise Valley, AZ – For years, Rieco-Titan Products has engineered truck camper products designed to make your camping life easier. They focus on safety, practicality, and durability in their jacks and linear actuators for truck campers and custom applications. But now, Rachel Alvizu, the general manager of Rieco-Titan Products Inc., is spearheading a significant transformation within the company.

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With a background in aerospace engineering and a fresh, innovative perspective, Rachel is not just continuing a family business; she is elevating it to new heights. Her leadership blends tradition with forward-thinking strategies, ensuring Rieco-Titan remains a leader in the truck camper accessory industry.


Understanding Truck Campers and Jacks

Truck campers are a type of recreational vehicle (RV) that can be loaded onto and unloaded from the bed of a pickup truck, offering flexibility and mobility for outdoor enthusiasts. The jacks are crucial components that allow for the safe lifting and lowering of the camper, enabling it to be mounted onto the truck. Rieco-Titan is renowned for producing high-quality, reliable truck camper jacks that ensure safety and ease of use for camper owners.

Reico Products

Early Memories and Involvement

Rachel’s connection to Rieco-Titan began in her childhood, visiting her grandparents at their business. “Some of my earliest memories involve coming to the shop, where my mom would be gardening out front, and I’d do arts and crafts with my grandma,” she recalls. These experiences planted the seeds of her deep appreciation for the family business, even as she pursued her own career in aerospace engineering.

Continuing the Family Legacy

Founded over 40 years ago by Rachel’s grandfather, an engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Rieco-Titan evolved from a small venture into a trusted brand in the truck camper community. “My grandfather started with a standard tripod jack and expanded the product line to include hydraulic and electric jacks,” Rachel explains. The entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality that her grandparents instilled remain core to the company’s operations today.

Transitioning into Leadership

Rache’s family is no stranger to business ownership. Both sets of her grandparents have run their own companies. “Growing up, I was always surrounded by business discussions and entrepreneurial endeavors,” she says.

While Rachel initially pursued a career in aerospace engineering, it became clear that business leadership was on the horizon. “It became apparent that my skills and education would eventually be put to use in continuing our family’s legacy,” she reflects. Her background in engineering and fresh perspective have been instrumental in driving the company’s recent transformations.

Business Transformation

Under Rachel’s leadership, Rieco-Titan is undergoing significant changes to meet the evolving needs of the truck camper industry. “In my first year, we made internal process improvements, including updating our ERP system. More recently we have launched a new website and aim to use social media to increase our connection with our customers,” Rachel notes.

“My husband, Anthony, and I look forward to putting Rieco-Titan’s new truck camper through its paces!” Rachel responded, when asked how she planned to better understand the truck camper user experience and gather feedback directly from the community. “We’re excited to brainstorm ideas and make camping easier for our users.”

Overcoming Challenges

Transitioning from aerospace to the truck camper industry presented its challenges. “Learning about a new industry and the company’s products was a steep learning curve,” Rachel admits. However, with the support of a knowledgeable team and the broader truck camper community, she navigated these challenges successfully.

Community Impact

Mentorship and community involvement are deeply embedded in Rieco-Titan’s values. “My grandfather was focused on mentoring employees and elevating their careers,” Rachel shares. The company also values its relationship with Truck Camper Magazine, using feedback from the publication to drive new initiatives that benefit truck camper owners. “We’re committed to connecting with the community and understanding their needs,” she emphasizes.

Personal Values and Vision

Rachel’s approach to running Rieco-Titan is guided by principles of quality, reliability, and a commitment to innovation. “I want to be proud of everything we do, maintaining the reputation for reliability that we’ve built over the past 40 years,” she says. Inspired by her grandfather’s forward-thinking mindset, Rachel aims to keep the company ahead of industry trends and evolving customer needs.

Industry Trends

Rachel is excited about the growing interest in truck campers among younger generations, fueled by changes in work-life balance and a desire for adventure. “It’s thrilling to see young families and professionals embracing the truck camper lifestyle,” she remarks. Rieco-Titan is positioning itself to serve these new customers by leveraging community engagement and industry partnerships.

Personal Life

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors, activities that align with the truck camper lifestyle. “Having a truck camper allows us to connect with the community and understand their needs better,” she says, highlighting the personal connection she wishes to grow with Rieco-Titan’s customers.


Rieco-Titan is a company you can count on, dedicated to meeting the needs of the truck camper community. “We’re happy to discuss any needs you may have, whether it’s through a new product, a custom solution, or a referral to one of our industry partners,” Rachel assures. Potential customers and business partners can reach Rieco-Titan via phone, their website, or social media.

Rachel Alvizu’s leadership marks a new chapter for Rieco-Titan Products Inc., blending tradition with innovation. Her dedication to quality, community, and forward-thinking ensures a bright future for the company and the truck camper industry. As Rieco-Titan continues to evolve, it remains a trusted partner for truck camper enthusiasts around the world.

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