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By Les Cseh on November 29, 2021

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You have in mind the perfect cake. You know exactly how you want it to look. You have been to four other bakeries and they just can’t envision what you are seeing in your mind. You are running out of time and patience. There is one more bakery you need to try before you toss in the towel. One that can take your idea and turn it into the most beautiful creation you’ve ever seen. Meet Joseph Macht of CakeRef Custom Bakery. Joseph can take any idea and create it to
look just how you have pictured it. He creates masterpieces not only out of cake, but he specializes in Macarons as well. Everything made at CakeRef Custom Bakery is exquisite “Because Details Matter”.

CakeRef Custom Bakery is located in Independence, Missouri. Joseph serves the Kansas City metro area, Western Missouri, Eastern Kansas and can ship his Macarons nationwide. What started out as a side gig, the baking business turned into a full blown business in May of 2020, as the volume of orders steadily increased. The primary services he provides are: custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, or special events and his famous Macarons.

You may wonder how Joseph came up with the name CakeRef Custom Bakery. The “Ref” part is because not only is Joseph an amazing baker, he is also a NCAA and semi-professional soccer referee. Baking is what he used to supplement his income in his free time. Then he decided to make the change and flip to baking full time! Joseph is a believer in being able to “pair beauty with taste”. Everything in the shop is personalized, custom made by his hand.

Joseph Macht

I asked Joseph a few questions to dive a little deeper into who he is as a person. First, I asked why he chose this business. His reply was, “I’ve enjoyed baking since I was a kid. I primarily made cakes for my own kid’s birthdays and would post pictures of them. People started asking where I got them, and when they found out I made them, they would ask if I could make their kid’s cake too. As the requests continued to grow, it was then that I realized I could make a living out of doing what I love.” I then asked what the most significant life event he’s experienced has been. “Having three children. Helping them grow. Watching the different stages of their lives. It’s truly an amazing experience,” he said.

Now, if you don’t want to take my word for just how amazing CakeRef Custom Bakery is, let’s talk about reviews and ratings. CakeRef Custom Bakery holds a 4.9 Google rating! Here is what a couple of satisfied customers had to say: “Joe’s ability to create masterfully tasteful varieties of macrons is evident because of his love and passion he puts forth in every dessert he places in front of you. I recommend you give his creations a try.” -Bill H. Or this one from Christine K.
– “Joe made a wonderful chocolate cake for my family. Not only was the decoration perfect, it was the best cake I have had. Thank you for helping to make our special occasion extra special.” Now with reviews like that, you have to believe this place is truly a gem.

I asked Joseph if he could give a tip to folks looking for a custom cake baker, what would he say to them? This is what he suggests, “Try several different places. Each one will have their own specialties. Ask a lot of questions. Make sure you find out what their specialty is. If it’s not exactly what you are looking for, move on to the next.”

Joseph has lived in Independence for 10 years, but has been in the Kansas City area for a very long time. I asked what he liked most about living in Independence. He says, “There is so much history here. There are so many local businesses.” He is a huge fan of watching anything soccer. In his free time he likes to train crossfit, referee, and believe it or not – bake. Joseph was asked just last year to referee a professional indoor soccer match for the first time. He participates in crossfit style competitions, and ran the 2021 Kansas City half marathon.

CakeRef Custom Bakery

If you, or someone you know, is looking for that perfect cake, or perhaps Macarons for a party or to ship to a loved one, get in touch with Joseph. CakeRef Custom Bakery can bring anything you can imagine to life “Because Details Matter”.

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