Above & Beyond Math Tutoring is Empowering Students Through Personalized and Affordable Tutoring

By Timothy W. Joseph on July 19, 2023

Above and Beyond Math Tutoring

Rock Hill, SC – In a world where education is key to success, many children who need tutoring the most often can’t afford it. That’s where Above & Beyond Math Tutoring 501(c)(3) steps in. Founded by Elihu Bey, the organization provides personalized tutoring tailored to each child’s needs, offering a lifeline to those who might otherwise give up on themselves.

Above and beyond Math Tutoring

Located in the Rockhill tri-county area, Above & Beyond Math Tutoring serves the community by identifying students from low-income backgrounds who would benefit from their services. By collaborating with school counselors, they ensure that tutoring reaches those who need it the most. They offer these students six sessions for $50 making tutoring affordable and accessible to families in need.

Above & Beyond Math Tutoring recognizes that a standardized curriculum doesn’t always meet the unique learning requirements of struggling students. By offering individualized sessions they ensure that each student receives the attention and support necessary for success. Unlike generic videos or impersonal classroom settings, their tutoring approach consistently boosts students’ confidence and attitudes, leading to dramatic improvements in their grades.

What sets Above & Beyond Math Tutoring apart is their unwavering commitment to personalization. While other tutoring services may offer 45-minute sessions, Elihu Bey and his team provide full one-hour sessions, knowing that students deserve every minute of focused attention. The emphasis on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 ratio ensures that students receive the individualized instruction they need to thrive.

At Above & Beyond Math Tutoring, a dedicated team of six professionals works diligently to support students’ learning journeys. They take pride in their team of certified teachers who work diligently to support students’ learning journeys. Elihu Bey has over seven years of tutoring experience himself to go along with his deep passion for helping others. With an initial focus on math, the company plans to expand their services to include reading and literacy support in the future.

Elihu Bey would like to recognize the contributions of Lexa Zeleo and Clayton Moton, board members who have been instrumental in providing resources and support since obtaining the organization’s 501(c)(3) status. He also expresses his gratitude to Robert Baker, another board member with expertise in accounting and funding, and Andrew Davis, whose contributions have helped make their mission a reality.

Even though he is a Pittsburgh native, Elihu Bey now calls Rock Hill home. He cherishes the close-knit community and the opportunity to support local families. Having deep roots in the area, with family connections and a love for the city’s proximity to both the mountains and the beach, Elihu is dedicated to making education accessible for all in Rock Hill. As a proud supporter of the Winthrop Eagles basketball team, Elihu Bey understands the importance of community spirit and engagement.

Parents are praising their experience with Above & Beyond Math Tutoring, recognizing the patience and dedication of the tutors. One parent, Quancy McNeil, shares, “He tutors my 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. He is very patient with my children, and he really wants to see children advance in life.”

This nonprofit would not be able to deliver the current quality and quantity of their tutoring sessions without the help of sponsors. Their current sponsors include but are not limited to Family Trust Federal Credit Union, Williams & Fudge Inc., Dickey Dental, First Community Bank, State Farm, and Island Driving Academy.

Above and beyond Math Tutoring

To hear from the students themselves, watch their heartfelt video thanking their sponsors at the following link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhSVty0-o8A.

To learn more about Above & Beyond Math Tutoring and how they are transforming the educational landscape, visit their website at www.aboveandbeyondtutoring.org.

For those seeking tutoring for their children, you can schedule a free consultation with Elihu. If you are looking to get involved and join them in their mission to provide every child with the opportunity to succeed there are options to donate and/or view their sponsorship proposal. Together, let’s make education accessible for all.

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