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By Chris Richmond on April 15, 2021

Hamza Alhabarneh

All-Star Carpet Cleaning’s Hamza Alhabarneh is a local business leader and a success story, recently celebrating over 6 years running his own cleaning business. He’s grown a family business into a larger team, gotten his certification With IICRC, and has a roster of daily clients. Hamza has always been a hard worker since 17 and learned the cleaning business from a mentor. When that business shut down, he knew it was time to start his own, with his exceptional hard-working attitude. He has no contract with other businesses, especially in the flood remediation and cleanup space, as well as he has not subcontracted with any other business.

“The secret for someone to find a trustworthy flooring partner is who they work with and how long they’ve been in business,” says Hamza. “There is a lot of unlicensed fly-by-night operators out there that will disappear with your money. We work closely with insurance companies to make sure your claim will be paid properly.”

After years of working as an entrepreneur in various industries, Hamza noticed something that was lacking in the carpet cleaning offering in the Minneapolis area: a “green” alternative, with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, safe for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. With that in mind, he set out to create a carpet cleaning company that would meet these goals while still delivering high-quality results at a very competitive rate.

All-Star Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care are proud to announce a greener choice for consumers, using certified cleaning solutions that meet the Environmental Choice Criteria for both Canada and the United States. EPA-sponsored studies in the late 1990s clearly showed that very hot water significantly reduced the level of harmful microorganisms in the carpet. “We’ve found that by starting with a powerful vacuuming using a professional HEPA filter system, then following up using near-boiling hot water and the cleaning solution under pressure, to agitate and create a flushing action, we can do an excellent job of separating soils from carpet fibers, and provide a first-rate cleaning result without the harsh chemicals of a traditional carpet cleaning system,” says Hamza.

At X’s Carpet and Floor Care, the technicians are IICRC accredited, and they undergo comprehensive customer service training, including COVID19 safety protocols. The goal is to not only leave a client with clean, healthy carpet and upholstery, tile & grout but also to give customers an outstanding customer service experience.

Contact Hamza at 651-500-4144 or see reviews at



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