Angela Dispensa Wants to Stylize Your Life

By Nancy McCord on January 19, 2024

Angela Dispensa Wants to Stylize Your Life

Houston, TX – For the past five years, Angela Dispensa at Drawer by Drawer has been helping clients in the Houston area take back their living space and live their most beautiful life. Angela and her team specialize in not just decluttering and organization but also decorating and creating systems to optimize her clients’ dream spaces. They even offer specialty moving packages including but not limited to organizing, packing, home repairs, property staging, unpacking, decorating and setup at the new destination. The entire process can be broken down into parts and you choose what part you would like to have. It is a one stop shop for homeowners. In fact, need a realtor? Call Angela.

Angela Dispensa

Angela tells us that the problem she solves for clients when addressing clutter is to “magically” create more space and a gorgeous look. Not only does organizing help make the house more functional and livable, but it opens up possibilities to improve her client’s lifestyle. As an example, she shared about a client whose kitchen she redid, styled and organized. Her client took the extra space she had and used it to start selling banana bread.

Angela loves what she does. She says, “ When your space is organized and functional, it opens the door to many opportunities to accomplish your dreams.” The instant gratification with organizing space and making it functional completely transforms her clients’ lives because they have order.

What makes Drawer by Drawer stand apart is the all in one solution Angela and her team bring to the client. Her clients appreciate that they can leave it to her team and step into their dreams. Angela likes to meet and get to know her clients and their children, to learn their interests, hobbies, lifestyle and personalities. Then she uses what she learns to create the most efficient and pleasing space for them.

One could say that Angela was raised to help organize. Her mother kept a meticulous house, and Angela had to organize her room since it was basically a big pile. After spending all day into night organizing her room, she saw the advantage of having an organized space and has kept it up since.

Houston born, Angela loves the people, the culture and how the city is laid out. She is very active in the Houston area with charities such as women’s centers and homeless shelters. First responders and veterans will find she offers a special discount as a thank you for their service.

If you are finding your living space is overwhelming because of clutter or just need help in organizing your life, you should contact Angela Dispensa at today and let her set you on the path to a less stressful, more functional life.

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