Bringing Clarity and Shine to Your World: The Pristine Window Cleaning Story

By Tabitha Premnath on February 1, 2024

Pristine Window Cleaning

Inwood, WV – In the scenic town of Inwood, West Virginia, Matthew Rocha, founder and CEO of Pristine Window Cleaning LLC, is more than just a businessman. He’s a passionate advocate for community, family and pristine homes.

Window Cleaning

Pristine Window Cleaning stands out with its commitment to excellence. Matthew’s mission is to provide unparalleled services without compromising communication, professionalism or quality. The tagline, “On time, every time,” encapsulates the reliability that customers can expect.

The company’s unique selling points include a comprehensive range of services – interior and exterior window cleaning, track and screen cleaning, cobweb removal, gutter and roof cleaning, pressure washing, and even Christmas light installation. Pristine Window Cleaning ensures a thorough job with pre-service and post-service walkthroughs, detailed inspections and timely notifications to customers.

Matthew envisions Pristine Window Cleaning evolving into a national franchise, a household name synonymous with window cleaning, pressure washing, and more. Recently adding Christmas light installation to their repertoire, the uniqueness of their installation process is that they bring the magic of Christmas early with Christmas music and festive attire, interacting with children, telling Christmas stories and exuding the upcoming excitement of Christmas.

Matthew’s journey began in Florida, but his heart found a home in Inwood seven years ago. A husband, father of four daughters, and the oldest of five boys, Matthew’s strong family values intertwine seamlessly with his business philosophy. One of the things he likes about Inwood is its strategic location, bridging three states within a 30-minute radius, creating a vibrant and welcoming community.

Window Cleaning

Matthew’s transition from a decade-long career as an electrician to the telecom industry laid the groundwork for his current entrepreneurial venture. Matthew was Inspired to explore something new, and Pristine Window Cleaning emerged organically. His journey started with a single client, a chiropractor who witnessed his dedication and expertise, leading to a cascade of satisfied customers and the official approval of Pristine Window Cleaning LLC in March 2023.

With a primarily self-driven team and a couple of part-time helpers, Pristine Window Cleaning embodies the spirit of family and customer care. Matthew emphasizes that customers are the lifeblood of their business, and this ethos reflects in every service provided.

For those seeking top-notch window cleaning and related services, visit Discover the impeccable craftsmanship and unwavering dedication that make Pristine Window Cleaning a shining star in the industry. Your windows and your home deserve the Pristine touch.

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