Dawn Levis and Gruene Insurance Group take insurance and financial planning to a whole new level of service

By Christine M Ketay on August 11, 2021

Dawn Levis

For the past five years, Dawn Levis has been building an insurance and financial planning agency that is rare in the industry.  Dawn and her team of 26 agents focus on service and leadership.  While they have access to some of the biggest names in insurance, they know that each individual and family is different, with different needs and goals.  “We focus on taking the time to know our clients and their needs.  We want to ensure they are educated, not just about insurance, but their financial health as well.”

And Dawn makes sure the team at Gruene Insurance Group is well-trained to do just that.  Each member of their team participates in weekly training programs.  Her agents know their stuff and are certified in their specialties.  Insurance can be confusing.  Dawn’s team works hard to take the confusion out of it, so their clients can make smart, confident decisions.

Dawn is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings great value to the community.  High standards of integrity and professionalism combined with her overflowing spirit and energy are the heart of Gruene Insurance Group.  New Braunfels and the surrounding area is the beneficiary of her efforts.   The recent nomination of Gruene Insurance Group as Best Financial Advisor 2021 for New Braunfels is well-deserved.  Small business owners like Dawn are the infrastructure of New Braunfels’ economy.  Not content to just build her agency, Dawn is a major supporter of a local networking group for local small businesses to connect and support each other.  Professionals Resolving Obstacles (PRO), a local organization focusing on helping local non-profits in New Braunfels and surrounding areas is one of the groups supported by Dawn and Gruene Insurance Group.  A strong advocate of child adoption and fostering, Dawn and her team also work with and help support TruLight 127 Ministries, focusing on helping children and bringing light into their lives.


Why does Dawn do all that she does?  “To make a difference.   As a small business and with the way I have structured the agency, I can be very selective with the people we bring on board.  We want people on the team who want to serve their clients.  We make a difference for the agents, enabling individuals to become entrepreneurs and create their own businesses if they wish.  Several of our agents have done just that creating their own agencies under the Gruene Insurance Group umbrella.  For our clients, we provide a level of service that often isn’t found.  We have access to many of the biggest names in the insurance industry.  But we take it a step further.  We can provide insurance not only for individuals but also small businesses from group sizes as small as 2 people.  That just isn’t easily found, but it’s so important.  And then we take it a step further and offer financial education.  It’s not taught in schools and is the key to true financial independence.  We offer classes frequently so people can build their financial knowledge and change their family legacy.”

And Dawn’s clients agree.  One couple recently commented that they came to Gruene Insurance Group after their former company had them working with a different representative, it seemed every time they contacted them.  They knew that Dawn and her team would be there for them.  Another client raved saying “Dawn and her group have given me more information and investment opportunities than I received during my 34 years while employed…”   Whether it’s financial planning, health insurance, or Medicare needs, the clients of Gruene Insurance Group are in good hands.

The team at Gruene Insurance Group is growing quickly to meet the needs of their clients.  With over 26 agents, their reach is expanding to serve clients in Arizona, Florida, California, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.  In Texas, Gruene Insurance Group has agents in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake as well as The Woodlands and Beaumont.  Dawn intends to build the agency to become a national resource for insurance and financial planning, becoming an asset and partner in each community.

Dawn Levis

Sharing one tip for people looking for an insurance agency, Dawn’s recommendation:  “Focus on value and service, not just price.” Your family deserves an insurance agency that gets behind you like Gruene Insurance Group. Dawn Levis, along with her team, make sure you have access to just that – an insurance agency with the heart of service, integrity, and leadership within the community.  If you’re looking for insurance or financial planning for your business or family, Gruene Insurance Group should be your first choice.  Call Dawn at (210) 986-7103, e-mail:  dawn@dawnlevis.com, or visit http://www.grueneinsuregroup.com.  They can’t wait to meet you.

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