Discover American Homes and Rentals LLC: Where Compassion Meets Real Estate

By Toby Ethington on May 28, 2024

American Homes and Rentals LLC: Where Compassion Meets Real Estate

Great Barrington, MA – In Great Barrington, Massachusetts, American Homes and Rentals LLC arises not just as a business, but as a beacon of hope for homeowners in distress. Founded in 2021 by Karen Schneyer and Karl Holland, this company is driven by a mission far beyond typical buy-and-sell real estate transactions.

How Pain Led to Purpose

Like many others, Karen and Karl were affected by the COVID pandemic and faced their own challenges. The creation of American Homes and Rentals arose from their desire to make a difference. “We both had COVID in 2020 and weren’t working,” says Karen. “It seemed like the right time to help others who were also struggling.” This belief is deeply rooted in their own personal life stories. From overcoming homelessness and addiction to battling cancer, their experiences have shaped their way of doing business.


A Real Estate Company with a Different Drive

American Homes and Rentals stands out by focusing on solutions that allow people to either keep their homes or move on without financial worry. “We are investors, not realtors,” Karen explains. “Our goal is to help people stay in their homes. If that’s not possible, then we make sure that they can leave their properties without being severely impacted financially.”

The company handles both standard buying and selling of homes but also finds creative ways to make deals work. No matter what strategy they use, they always prioritize the homeowner’s best interests.

Community and Compassion at the Core

Perhaps what truly sets American Homes and Rentals LLC apart is its commitment to community and ethical business practices. After every successful deal, a $500 donation is made to a charity of the seller’s choice, in line with Karen and Karl’s principle of giving back. Furthermore, Karen and Kari are also working on launching a nonprofit to provide transitional housing, addressing the constant and growing need for affordable housing.

Empowering Homeowners with Knowledge and Options

For people facing tough decisions about their homes, Karen advises, “Find a real estate professional who will present all options to you and not charge for their services upfront.”

In an industry plagued by dishonesty and abuse, American Homes and Rentals LLC wants to serve as a trustworthy guide.


In a time where businesses often put profits over people, American Homes and Rentals stands out as a reminder of what it means to truly serve and support the community. They are not just solving property problems – they are crafting a legacy of compassion and resilience, one house at a time.

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