Unlock Family Fun and Entrepreneurship with Parent Playground LLC

By Toby Ethington on May 28, 2024

Kids Playground App

In a world where the unrelenting pace of daily life often takes precedence over quality family time, Parent Playground LLC has carved a niche that brings families closer together while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of young minds. Founded by Tyronica Gibson in the bustling city of Las Vegas and now extending its roots to Jackson, Mississippi, Parent Playground is more than just an app; it’s a community builder for parents and children alike.

A New City and New Challenges Inspire a New Solution

Family Fun and Entrepreneurship with Parent PlaygroundTyronica, a young parent who moved to Las Vegas at 25, found herself scrambling to find child-friendly activities in a city not known for family-oriented locations. The struggle to connect with like-minded parents gave birth to Parent Playground. “It started as a way for parents to find playdates and has grown to include family activities and local business promotions,” she explains.

A Platform for All Parents

Unlike typical parenting apps that focus only on specific groups of people or stages of childhood, Parent Playground serves a broad audience. “Our app is for all parents and family members, including grandparents, and caters to children of all ages,” Tyronica notes. This inclusivity sets it apart from competitors who don’t offer the same variety of age-appropriate services.

Expanding to Empower Young Entrepreneurs


One of the unique features of Parent Playground is its initiative to host Kidpreneur’ business fairs. This annual event allows children ages 5 to 18 to explore their hobbies and potentially turn them into businesses. The next fair is on July 20, 2024, from 10 am to 1 pm in Jackson, Mississippi. “The fair is not just about business; it’s about building confidence and teaching valuable life skills,” Tyronica proudly shares. The success stories from these fairs highlight the lasting impact of such experiences on young minds.

Family Fun and Entrepreneurship with Parent PlaygroundMoving and Growing

The app started in Las Vegas and Jackson, Mississippi, and Tyronica has now expanded nationwide. “If someone downloads the app and they’re not in a covered area, we research to find nearby activities and providers for them. Also, parents can add their favorite family-friendly attractions and restaurants to the app and share them with other parents!” she says. This commitment to service reflects the core mission of Parent Playground: to support and connect families, no matter where they are.

Community and Connection

Parent Playground also serves as a platform for small businesses and daycare providers, offering them the reach of an app without the high costs of developing their own digital presence. By integrating local businesses into the app, Tyronica fosters a community-based model that benefits both families and local business owners.


Parent Playground LLC started as a way to fill the need for family-friendly activities in a city focused on adult endeavors. Since then, it has grown into a tool that enhances family connections and supports young entrepreneurs. As it expands, it promotes the idea that business and family life can prosper together.


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