Empowering Communities, Fostering Global Harmony: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Journey and Vision

By David Messmer on April 10, 2024

Sarah Sun Liew. Empowering Communities

California – Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, a luminary in community service, education and leadership, stands as a beacon of hope and progress across the realms of business, education and politics.

With a career spanning over three decades, Dr. Liew’s ventures, including the Global Jesus Mission Church and Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc., testify to her unwavering commitment to effecting tangible change in people’s lives.

Sarah Sun Liew. Empowering Communities

Dr. Liew’s services span spiritual guidance, education, real estate investment, global banking solutions, and legal and immigration consultancy, all aimed at fostering economic growth, job creation and community development. “We address a variety of needs, from spiritual fulfillment and educational advancement to economic challenges,” Dr. Liew emphasizes.

“What sets me apart,” says Dr. Liew, “is my unique blend of experience in education, ministry, real estate, banking, and legal services coupled with a profound commitment to community service and economic development.

While her services have a global reach, Dr. Liew particularly focuses on fostering economic growth and supporting the American dream in California. “The diversity and dynamism of California offer endless opportunities for growth, learning, and community engagement,” she shares.

Her journey from An-dong, South Korea, to the United States, overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers, has profoundly influenced her dedication to community service, education and leadership.

Beyond business, Dr. Liew is deeply involved in charity work and volunteering, with a focus on poverty prevention and supporting the needy. “Our organizations are actively involved in charity work and volunteering, reflecting our commitment to serving the community,” Dr. Liew affirms.

Dr. Liew is running for the U.S. Senate, but she views her candidacy as more than fulfilling political ambition. “It’s a continuation of my life’s work in service, education and community leadership,” she asserts. Dr. Liew invites readers to join her in envisioning and working towards a future where justice, economic opportunity, and community welfare are accessible to all.

Dr. Liew’s influence extends far beyond the political sphere. Her journey and insights have captivated audiences across the globe, garnering coverage in over 40 media outlets with more than 200 features. Her expertise spans a broad array of political subjects, and she embodies a strong commitment to melding nonprofit missions with profitable ventures through collaborative and cause-oriented partnerships.

Additionally, she has already made significant contributions to business literature with the publication of “Succeeding in Business in Any Market,” alongside her remarkable achievement of preparing 19 books for publication in 2024. As the 2024 election approaches, Dr. Liew has adeptly utilized media platforms to disseminate her unique perspectives and continues to engage actively with her audience.

In conclusion, Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate is not just about promises; it’s about a proven impact, rooted in decades of service, dedication, and vision. Her journey embodies resilience, her ventures reflect innovation, and her candidacy signifies a commitment to a better future for all.

We are confident that Dr. Sarah Liew’s voice is not just heard but is instrumental in shaping societal change. Discover more about her vision and initiatives at www.sarahsenator.org .

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