Empowering Healing Through Ancient Wisdom: Jera Laguz and Michael Hackett’s Journey

By Frederic Saraiva on October 21, 2023


Greenville, SC – In the heart of Greenville, South Carolina, a haven of healing named Jera Laguz stands as a testament to Michael Hackett’s resilience and determination. As the proud owner, Michael brings forth a unique approach to energy work healing that draws from the ancient wisdom of runes and crystals.

Unveiling Jera Laguz: A Harmony of Runes and Water

Michael Hackett

“Jera Laguz,” the business name, is a beautiful fusion of runic symbols. “Jera” represents harmony and balance, while “Laguz” embodies water and life. This encapsulates the essence of Michael’s energy work— restoring harmony and balance to your life through his unique process.

Addressing a Void in Healing: A Personal Journey

Jera Laguz specializes in energy work healing, a service born out of Michael’s personal journey. Faced with traumas and a lack of healing options tailored for men, Michael identified a gap in the industry. His mission: to extend healing to everyone, irrespective of gender, using a unique master process that combines many modalities.

Global Reach, Local Roots

While physically located in Greenville, Jera Laguz extends its healing touch globally through Zoom. Michael’s ideal customer persona spans all ages, with a specific caring for those in the military, law enforcement, and fire departments dealing with PTSD, trauma, and anxiety.

Five Years of Dedication: From Vision to Reality

In June 2023, Jera Laguz marked its fifth year, a testament to Michael’s dedication. What sets this healing sanctuary apart is the incorporation of ancient runes, highly personalized treatments, and a commitment to regular updates and progress testing.

From Personal Struggles to Professional Triumphs

Michael’s journey to entrepreneurship is steeped in personal triumph over adversity. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006, he emerged from surgery quadriplegic. Through intense therapy, he defied the odds, battled depression and medication addiction, finding solace in reiki, crystals, and the teachings of “Hibiscus Moon.” This transformative experience ignited a calling to help others.

Acknowledging Mentors: Tina, Susan and Angie

In gratitude, Michael acknowledges Tina Boknevitz, Susan Eckert, and Angie Pope. Tina was the first to accept and mentor him. Susan’s mindset mastery group was instrumental in shaping his entrepreneurial mindset, while Angie, a psychic, provided crucial validation and encouragement.

Choosing Healing Runes: A Tip from Michael

For those considering rune healing, Michael advises, “Be open and take the first step. The desire for healing sets the path for the rest to unfold.”

A Vision Beyond Business: A Journey to Permanence

Michael’s dedication to healing isn’t just a business model; it’s a commitment to permanent transformation. Hardships from a young age became stepping stones, enhancing his understanding of true healing.

Supporting Special Groups: Military Discounts Available

Jera Laguz offers special discounts for military personnel, recognizing their unique needs in the healing process.

Tagline: Healing with the Ancient Wisdom of Crystals and Runes

This succinct tagline captures the essence of Jera Laguz’s mission—to bring ancient wisdom to contemporary healing practices.

Family, Community, and Future Growth

As a solopreneur, Michael, a single father of a 13-year-old son, appreciates the friendly environment of Greenville. With plans for a brick-and-mortar location in the coming year, Jera Laguz’s growth signifies not just a business but a community dedicated to healing.

In the world of Jera Laguz, each rune carved and each crystal placed is a step towards holistic healing, a testament to Michael Hackett’s resilience and his commitment to making lasting transformations in the lives of those he touches.

Visit the Jera Laguz website.

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