Find balance and rejuvenation with Kundalini Yoga in Detroit, LLC

By Taurice Collins on August 11, 2021


KYD is located in the University District of Detroit, Michigan. In this area of tree-lined streets and brick homes constructed in the 20s, 30s there is a serene and safe space for all who seek both adventure, and respite: a yoga and meditation studio on the third floor of a 4000-square foot Tudor.

Yoga instructors and musicians Andrea and Mike have become local heroes, serving others right out of their own home almost every day of the week.

Married in 2010, they moved from the suburbs to the city. They decided to remodel their third-floor attic to accommodate their burgeoning yoga practice. What started out as a few friends doing kundalini yoga evolved into a safe space for all who seek peace.

When I asked Andrea what makes Kundalini Yoga different from Hatha or Ashtanga yoga, she said, “All yoga will tone you up, and awaken you to your inner self beyond the ego, but this yoga has always been about making social and spiritual connections. We offer free or low-cost opportunities to do something healthy for yourself, without a lot of stress and anxiety. The space only fits about 10 people. These classes can be life-altering, but they are also just fun! But they aren’t for everybody. Not everybody is really ready for a transformative experience. This yoga will wake up your body, your heart, and your soul. The music and camaraderie alone are so worth it!”

KYD usually charged $15 for 90 minutes classes, or whatever donation the student could afford. When the pandemic began KYD did not share classes on Zoom but instead shifted to providing donations to local food banks, shelters, the Humane Society, individuals in need, and many crowdfunding opportunities.

In July 2021, KYD reopened with a new format: private yoga and meditation classes, and private gong immersions. These classes are tailored to each individual’s needs. Said Andrea: “For us, pre-pandemic yoga is decidedly different from post-pandemic yoga. The former was meant to jar you a bit and wake you up to the Truth of your own evolution. The latter is meant to recognize your trauma and give you gentle, simple tools to help you navigate yourself into a place where you are empowered to make pivots—if you so choose.”

There exists in Detroit a musical, serene, and really fun place to get started on life change:
Kundalini Yoga in Detroit. Call 3135166115 to schedule a session.

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