State-of-the-Art Dental Lab in Oklahoma City Delivers Highest-Quality, Best-Fitting Dentures in America.

By CJ Coolidge on June 25, 2021

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is the founder and the new owner of Precise Dental Lab in OKC. He is taking the manufacturing and delivery of dental prosthetics to an entirely new and improved level for dentists and patients. For more information, visit

The company has developed a proprietary formula combining a unique style and level of service with the most advanced and cutting edge manufacturing technologies (Ivoclar Vivadent) to produce the highest quality dentures available on the market. Because of these breakthroughs, dentists can now guarantee better outcomes for every denture patient. They can also reduce their office overhead because this workflow is more efficient, and the process from beginning to end requires fewer patient appointments.

It’s a real benefit for everyone. “Patients get the smile they want and never worry about discomfort or a poor fit, ever again.” Brandon can’t help but smile when he’s talking about what he’s doing. “Dentists get precise and on-time dentures, with minimal chair time.”

Brandon is not your typical Dental Lab Technician. His lab doesn’t just produce precise dentures, it produces delight of all kinds of people.

“It used to surprise me,” Brandon reports. “But I’ve now seen more than 100 people weep for pure joy when they put these in their mouths and look in the mirror.”

Brandon always knew that problem teeth were a source of pain for people, and he knows a lot of people who have had problems with dentures.

“But I never realized how it affected them physically and emotionally. Once I did, my dentistry wasn’t just about making teeth anymore. It was about changing lives. I realized that my work was transformational. It’s the power of a smile.”

Smiles are Brandon Lee’s business. They’re also his life. They’re his stock in trade.  From the minute you meet him, it’s obvious. Brandon is a man totally committed to creating smiles. He just happens to make dentures.

Brandon becomes thoughtful when he talks about his family. “My dad left our home when I was two. My mother had to work really hard to make a life for our family. Her example taught me to work hard, too.”

That explains why Brandon demands that Precise Dental Labs produce perfect dentures. (At 97%+ their patient satisfaction rate is way above the national average.)

But it doesn’t explain why Brandon cares so much for his doctor’s patients that he goes way beyond the typical lab tech and often meets with them personally.

“My grandmother taught me that people are what matters most. She encouraged me to give, and to forgive. She was my inspiration through dental prosthetic school, too. I always thought she would be my first patient, but she passed away just as I graduated. I treat my patients like I know Grandma would have liked to be treated.”

Brandon Lee is a Local Biz Hero in every way. He is a self-made craftsman who became an entrepreneur to bring true value to his community. High stands of professionalism and the strong work ethics of small business owners like Brandon are the infrastructure of Oklahoma’s economy.

We sat down with Brandon for a quick chat.

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: “I love people. I love meeting them and hearing their stories. I love giving. I love making a difference in my community, and I love being able to sleep at night knowing that no one will ever be able to say I delivered shoddy work or caused somebody unnecessary pain. I also love my family. I love that I don’t have to be thinking about working when I’m with them. My wife is the jewel of my life. I love that we make sure we have a regular date night with a movie and dinner.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is fishing with my son. Precise Dental Labs allows me to be in that quiet place. Me, my son, and the fish. It’s so good.
I also love to give. It’s a passion to serve at the Destiny Divine Child Development Program. I love it that on some random Tuesday you could find us on the streets passing out necessity bags and meals till the money runs out. That’s why I do this.

Q: What sets Precise Dental Labs apart from other dental labs?

A: “I talked about our approach. That’s different, and it’s important, for sure. But I didn’t tell you how that translates into real value for our dentists. These are our guarantees:

  • We are Never Late. Our dentists can be efficient. No reschedules. Even for fast turnarounds.
  • We Communicate. Our dentists know the progress of their orders, every step of the way.
  • We Keep our Word. When we say we will do something, we do it.

“We say what we mean, we mean what we say, and we do what we say.
The result of this is that we have the lowest return rate of any lab in the country at <3%.”

Precise Dental Lab

Q: Why did you get into the Dental Lab work?

A: “I left high school with some tough decisions to make. As I said, my mom was carrying the weight of support for me and my brothers and sisters. Seemed the most responsible thing I could do was to take some of the weight off her and move out. I didn’t have anything like a college fund, or real estate to fall back on so Dental Prosthetic School was a great fit.

I thought I might become a pharmacist, but I didn’t see that so much as a helping vocation, so I chose this. I poured myself into learning everything I could about the industry and the business. That’s how I became the co-founder of Precise Dental Labs. It was always my plan to create the company and the systems and that, one day, I would buy the business. That’s where we are now.”

Precise Dental Labs

Q: What tip could you share with readers to help them choose the best dental lab?

A: “If I’m talking to a dentist, I’m going to say that a dental laboratory is NOT a commodity. All labs are not alike. I mean, just because you create a good mold doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the dentures you need and the service your patients deserve. Get on the phone and call 5 dental labs in the area. Get a feel for the person who answers the phone. Ask what they do. Three will sound the same. Two will be different. Then get referrals and call them. Ask how often the dentures they make are right the first time. Ask if they are ever late. You really want to be certain that they are willing and able to be precise.”

“If I’m talking with a patient I’m recommending that they tell their dentist that they want them to use a lab that creates dentures with Ivoclar Vivadent technology. That’s absolutely what’s best for them.”


For Dentists who are looking for a no flaw, on-time, dependable, removable dental lab, Brandon and the Precise Dental Lab team should be the first choice.
For Denture patients who want perfect prosthetic appliances that will significantly outlast the competition, ask your dentist to call Precise Dental Lab.
Call 405-479-8301 or visit


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