Fine Jewelry at Fine Prices!

By Les Cseh on October 14, 2021

Tonie and Ronnie Fuller

When you are looking for an exquisite, custom piece of jewelry, where do you go? I’d be willing to bet not one of those chain stores or mall shops, right? You want a friendly, locally owned jewelry store to be your go-to place. Tonie and Ronnie Fuller have just that type of place, Golden Citrine Jewelers, located in Fort Worth, Texas. Follow along, and I’ll tell you all about this little gem of a store, and about Tonie and Ronnie as well.

While Golden Citrine Jewelers has been open for just a year, Tonie and Ronnie are no strangers to working on jewelry. Tonie has been in the business for 20 years. The services they offer are full custom jewelry, full repairs and restoration, full watch services, and pocket watches and engraving. Ronnie does all of the work on watches brought into the store. They don’t just make and fix jewelry, they can even restore those old family heirlooms you thought you’d never see the full beauty of again.
Modern jewelry or timepiece broken? Not a problem! Bring it on in, they will advise you on how best to restore your item to its original glory.

While speaking with Tonie I asked her some questions about herself. I asked what made her choose the jewelry business. She replied, “I was always the little girl with rocks in my pocket, and then I moved on to take a class in jewelry design. As an adult, I opened a business to share my passion with my clients. I met my husband when we were still in school and with his knowledge of watches and my dreams of jewelry design, we opened our current business”. Tonie and Ronnie have 2 daughters who often help out in the store. In their spare time, they like to collect rocks, go hiking, participate in scavenger hunts and they like to go to antique stores.

I asked Tonie about the most significant event that has ever happened to her. With a smile in her voice, she answered, “Meeting my husband. Having our 2 lovely daughters, being able to share our passion for life together, and the commitment to support each other in fulfilling our dreams.”

How about reviews? Admit it, when you look for a new place to do business, you look at reviews. Golden Citrine Jewelers has a 4.6 rating on Google! Here is what one very happy client had to say – “Very professional and extremely friendly. Made me feel comfortable buying from them. Quality is always amazing and I’m never disappointed. Great repair work, definitely worth bringing your jewelry to. I highly recommend them if you want amazing service every time.” – Lillian B. What an awesome review!

When I asked Tonie what she thought made Golden Citrine Jeweler stand out from others, this is what she said, “My husband and I are more personalized and tend to advise what will and will not work for a setting or design the client is looking to have created”. I also wanted to know what one tip she would give readers that were looking for a jeweler. She answered with this, “Pick someone you feel comfortable enough to trust leaving your jewelry with and understands how special it is to you.”

Golden Citrine Jewelers

Golden Citrine Jewelers often donate jewelry for local charity events. They also donate to auctions for Women’s domestic abuse shelters. Tonie and Ronnie take part in a Facebook networking group called JHJ Jewelers Helping Jewelers.

As the last question, I asked Tonie what the most memorable client interaction was she ever experienced and she mentioned the times when folks brought “fishing poles and weathervanes” into the shop to be repaired. So, if you have an old family heirloom, a new funky watch that just isn’t keeping the time, or want that perfect custom-designed piece, stop into Golden Citrine Jewelers. Tonie and Ronnie will be more than happy to help you out! Remember, they have “Fine Jewelry at Fair Prices”!!

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