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By Les Cseh on May 10, 2021

Charnell Williams

When Charnell Williams was in college 14 years ago, she ran a summer camp for children and worked a part-time job. She wanted more for herself. She wanted something to call her own. She then came up with the idea of a company that would allow her to see to all of her other obligations as well. Clean Corp, a residential and commercial cleaning service, was born.

Clean Corp serves the greater Atlanta, Georgia area (within a 20-mile radius). While Charnell wasn’t born in Atlanta, she has lived here for 20 years. When asked about her favorite sports team, she commented that she loves “All Atlanta sports teams!”. Charnell feels that the best part about Atlanta is the fact that everything you need is right here. She lives here with her husband and children. Her favorite hobbies include gardening and reading.

Charnell’s team of 17 employees specializes in basic house cleaning, deep cleaning, move-out service, sanitizing and disinfecting service, pressure washing, and commercial cleaning. They allow their clients more free time by providing a service that would otherwise take the little time they have in a day away from family. The company’s tagline is “Because you’re too busy to clean,” for just this reason. Charnell’s team prides itself on attention to detail and following through with the service detailed in the clients’ contract. They are also in constant communication with clients. This makes for a wonderful service contract with any provider!

 Charnell shared with me that she has learned quite a bit from starting Cleaning Corp. “It taught me patience. It taught me time management. It was good to see a job well done and to create a company from scratch that is growing and now allows me the time to mentor others in the service industry.” 

 When asked if there was one tip she would give readers for choosing a cleaning service, she had this to say, “Ask for references. Pay attention to how they interact with you on your initial call and how quickly they respond to your queries.”

Clean Corp

 Clean Corp partners with Cleaning for a Reason and offers a free cleaning service to cancer patients. They offer one free cleaning service per month for four months to two or more patients every year. Charnell was also awarded the Success Against the Odds Award, presented by the Atlanta Business League in 2014.

 The best part of our chat was this story. Charnell spoke of a job location they have where the client’s dog has bonded with the employee that services the home. Every day she is there, the dog attempts to leave and go home with her. The employee has to stop and return the dog to the owner. That sure says a lot for the employees of this company! 

If you know someone that can benefit from friendly, professional residential or commercial cleaning services, contact Cleaning Corp. today!! Because You’re Too Busy To Clean!


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