George Bernloehr: Leading the Way in Veteran Talent Acquisition

By Del Cromartie on July 3, 2024

Cumming, GA – Companies seek top-tier talent in today’s competitive job market to drive their success. For many organizations, tapping into the veteran talent pool offers a unique advantage: discipline, leadership, and a strong work ethic.

George Bernloehr

George Bernloehr, the president and founder of Military Talent Pipeline LLC, is at the forefront of connecting military talent with employers nationwide. With over 25 years of experience in talent acquisition, George’s innovative approach is making waves in the industry.

Transforming Talent Acquisition

Military Talent Pipeline is a professional networking resource for military-connected individuals including veterans and military spouses. Unlike traditional recruiting agencies that charge a fee for each hire, Military Talent Pipeline operates on a subscription-based model. This innovative approach offers companies unlimited hires during their subscription period, providing significant cost savings and unparalleled value.

“For job seekers, our service is completely free,” George explains. “Companies subscribe to our service, similar to a premium LinkedIn subscription. We tailor the process to match job profiles with qualified candidates who are ready to start a career within 90 days or less.”

A Personal Journey of Passion and Purpose

George’s journey into talent acquisition was a natural fit and a calling. “The idea of helping transitioning military professionals was incredibly appealing to me,” he says. “When I started in recruiting, my focus was on making the transition less stressful for service members. Many enter the military single and exit with a family, making the job search even more critical. With my background in the Navy, where planning is paramount, I understood the importance of preparing for this significant life change.”

Standing Out in a Crowded Field

George Bernloehr

Its unique approach sets Military Talent Pipeline apart from other recruiting agencies. The subscription model offers companies unlimited hires within the subscription period, fostering long-term relationships with talent acquisition professionals at companies. “We attend military-focused job fairs across the country, representing multiple companies and saving them time and resources,” George adds.

Using effective tools and strategies, Military Talent Pipeline attracts job seekers interested in specific roles or geographic locations, ensuring that the best candidates are gathered for their clients. “We guarantee that our candidates meet the job profiles and are ready for immediate employment,” says George.

Inspiration and Innovation

George’s inspiration to start Military Talent Pipeline came from a personal encounter. “After leaving my previous employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, where I led their military hiring program, I initially planned to retire. However, a conversation with a fellow veteran at a poker tournament sparked the idea for Military Talent Pipeline. He had successfully transitioned from retirement to running a consulting company, and his story inspired me to pursue my passion for helping veterans on a larger scale.”

Success Stories and Impact

The impact of Military Talent Pipeline is evident in the success stories of the veterans it serves. “We’ve had several veterans who successfully transitioned into new roles through our service,” George shares. “One of the most gratifying aspects is receiving feedback years later from individuals who still remember the impact we had on their lives. Knowing that we helped open doors for them and made a significant change in their careers is incredibly rewarding.”

George emphasizes the importance of early preparation for transitioning service members. “Start preparing well in advance. Networking is crucial, and having a clear plan for your transition can alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress. Use resources like Military Talent Pipeline to connect with opportunities and build relationships with potential employers.”

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Outside of his professional endeavors, George enjoys a variety of hobbies, including tournament poker, golf, boating, and motorcycle riding. “I have two Aussie doodles named Maverick and Charlie, who are my big babies. Being in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I love taking scenic rides on my motorcycle and enjoying the beautiful Georgia landscape.”

George’s commitment to balancing work and personal life is evident. “It’s all about time management and prioritizing what’s important. My family and hobbies are essential to me, and I make sure to carve out time for them. My wife and I will celebrate our 42nd anniversary this year, and our two daughters and grandchildren are a constant source of joy.”

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, George is excited about the growth and impact of the Military Talent Pipeline. “For job seekers, we provide a personalized service where we schedule calls to understand their job search preferences and goals. For companies, we offer a cost-effective solution to tap into top-tier military talent. We’re committed to making the hiring process as seamless as possible for both parties.”

For companies seeking to hire top military talent or veterans looking for employment opportunities, Military Talent Pipeline is here to help. Visit to learn more about how George and his team can assist you in achieving your career and hiring goals. With a unique approach and a dedication to service, Military Talent Pipeline is your partner in success.

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