Green’s Karate: Empowering Individuals, Building Communities

By Trevor Eisenman on July 3, 2024

Green's Karate

Chattanooga, TN — In a world where inclusivity and empowerment are at the forefront of societal goals, Corey Green, the visionary founder of Green’s Karate, stands out as a beacon of inspiration. With a legacy spanning 26 years, Green’s Karate has not only redefined the boundaries of martial arts but has also carved a path of excellence for individuals of all abilities.

Green's Karate

It began because Corey saw a lack of inclusivity for learners with special needs and then took it upon himself to dive into researching how to teach martial art fundamentals to potential students with different learning styles, especially those who have more roadblocks to traditional learning methods

In a recent engaging and insightful discussion, Corey Green shared his journey, philosophy, and the impactful initiatives undertaken by Green’s Karate. Here’s a glimpse into the highlights of this enlightening conversation:

Pioneering Special Needs Program: Corey Green’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence shines through his groundbreaking work in training individuals with autism and disabilities. Notably, his program has produced remarkable success stories, including the inspiring journey of his Karate pupil, Ryan Rogers who is on the autism spectrum. Corey helped Ryan develop skill in martial arts that assisted Ryan to achieve Olympic glory several times.

Setting High Standards: At Green’s Karate, excellence is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. Corey emphasized the rigorous standards upheld at his dojo, where discipline and hard work pave the path to success. Few achieve the coveted black belt, symbolizing the dedication and perseverance instilled in every student.

Personal Growth Amidst Challenges: The journey of entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges, yet Corey Green’s resilience knows no bounds. In the face of adversity, he turned to unconventional solutions such as driving for Uber, which not only saved his business but also provided invaluable insights and stories for his upcoming book.

Community Engagement and Giving Back: Beyond the confines of his dojo, Corey Green is a true community leader, actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors. From volunteering at autism walks to providing scholarships for aspiring martial artists, Corey’s commitment to giving back is unwavering.

Embracing Diversity: Green’s Karate is not just a martial arts academy; it’s a melting pot of diverse experiences and backgrounds. Whether it’s coaching athletes with disabilities or advocating for inclusion, Corey Green’s vision transcends boundaries, enriching the lives of all who walk through the doors of his dojo.

Watch the Highlights: Experience the passion and vision behind Green’s Karate through the captivating highlights of Corey Green’s discussion. [View Recording Here]

At Green’s Karate, the journey towards self-discovery and empowerment knows no limits. As Corey Green continues to push the boundaries of excellence and inclusivity, one thing remains certain — the impact of Green’s Karate resonates far beyond the confines of a dojo, shaping lives and communities for generations to come.

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