Meet Yvonne Geddie of Geddie Health Solutions: Your Trusted Guide in Health Insurance, Committed to Your Well-Being!

By Lauren Nesmith on July 2, 2024

Murphy, NC – Yvonne Geddie, the owner of Geddie Health Solutions,  provides essential services in the field of health insurance. With her wealth of knowledge,  extensive experience and sincere dedication to her clients, she’s able to make a difference in this ever-complex world.

Comprehensive Health Services

Geddie Health Solutions

In order to accommodate her clients’ various health insurance needs, Geddie Health Solutions provides a wide range of services. Yvonne is an expert in providing health insurance for people under 65 via the marketplace and other private carriers. In addition, she offers supplemental vision and dental insurance.

Yvonne provides knowledgeable Medicare advice to individuals over 65, having a great deal of personal and professional experience in this area.

Meeting Client Needs

Yvonne’s primary goal is to find health plans that are both affordable and tailored to meet all her clients’ health needs. “Health insurance can be very complicated with many carriers and plans, especially Medicare. I strive to make it easy for my clients and Medicare beneficiaries, by helping them understand their options and find the best solutions,” she explains.

A Wide Geographic Reach

Based in North Carolina, Yvonne is licensed to operate in 10  states, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Maine. This broad reach, combined with today’s technology along with the shift to electronic and phone sales, allows her to assist more people than ever before.

A Name with Purpose

Yvonne selected the name Geddie Health Solutions to represent her identity and the range of services she provides. The spelling of Geddie is G-E-D-D-I-E. Most people assume that Geddie spelled G-E-T-T-Y. “I wanted to make that clear,” Yvonne said. “Health solutions cover everything to do with health, making it clear as to what we provide.”

A Decade of Dedication

Yvonne started her career in the insurance business more than 10 years ago, specializing in identity theft protection and legal insurance, both of which are crucial in the rapidly evolving and ever expanding modern world we live in today. Five years ago, she ventured into health insurance, and a year later, after becoming a Medicare beneficiary herself, she added Medicare services. She stands out as a reliable advisor to her clients because of her in-depth knowledge of Medicare and her own personal experience with it.

A Personal Touch

Yvonne’s genuine compassion and personal approach are what really make her stand out. She offers her clients empathy and practical experience as a Medicare beneficiary herself. “Helping people is my main goal in life. I view each and every one of my clients as a member of my extended family” she stated.

Awards and Certifications

Yvonne’s dedication and expertise have not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized by the marketplace with honors for her enrollment efforts, and she regularly completes the demanding certification criteria to be current with Medicare and all the various health insurance programs.

Life in Murphy

Outside of her professional life, Yvonne enjoys the beautiful weather and friendly community of Murphy, North Carolina. She is active in a local exercise group, the Silver Thugs, where she finds camaraderie and support. “We laugh more than we exercise, but it’s a wonderful group of ladies,” she added. Yvonne has been happily married for nearly forty-two years, and she is the proud mother of two amazing children and six beautiful grandkids. Yvonne’s first priority is and always will be to her family.

A Growing Business

Geddie Health Solutions continues to grow, driven by Yvonne’s passion for helping others. “Give me an opportunity to explain everything to you, answer all of your questions. I would be happy to take my time and go over your available options. If you feel that you can trust me, I would be honored to be your insurance agent,” Yvonne said.

Yvonne Geddie’s dedication, experience, and personal touch make Geddie Health Solutions a standout in the health insurance industry. Her commitment to helping her clients navigate the complexities of health insurance with ease and confidence is truly inspiring.

A Trustworthy Ally

Yvonne emphasizes that since she is paid by the companies she represents, her services are provided without direct expense to her clients. This enables her to act in her clients’ best interests and provide objective advice. Her commitment to enduring connections and continuous assistance guarantees that customers have a trustworthy ally on their side.

Yvonne Geddie and Geddie Health Solutions are available to assist you if you’re searching for an insurance agent that puts your needs first and offers knowledgeable advice. Get in touch with them to receive attentive, individualized service that prioritizes you.

Why Choose Geddie Health Solutions?

Yvonnes’s extensive knowledge, commitment to education, and genuine care for her clients make her an exceptional choice for anyone seeking health insurance. Yvonne Geddie and Geddie Health Solutions are here to help you every step of the way, whether you’re self-employed, approaching retirement, or just want to better understand your insurance options.

For more information, click here to contact Geddie Health Solutions directly to learn how they can assist you with your health insurance needs.

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