If you build People, People will build your Business

By Les Cseh on November 1, 2021

Pyramid Grocery

When you want a clean, organized, family run grocery store in Atlanta’s downtown area, in which direction do you point? Towards the Pittsburgh community where you can find Pyramid Grocery, of course! Owner Chloe Floyd has been in the business for five years. Her family owns the plaza in which the store is located, and her family has businesses in the other two corners, thus how the name Pyramid Grocery came about. Like their tag line says, “If you build the people, the people will build the business”, and that’s just what she has been doing.

Pyramid Grocery offers the convenience of multiple services under one roof. They offer not only groceries, but grab and go meals, smoothies, salads, an ATM, Money orders, bill pay service for GA Power Immediate Post, a UPS Access Point and in collaboration with her sister (Bee Glad Restaurant) they have the BEST Cook2Order menu in Atlanta! Being community minded they offer a discount to first responders, seniors and children.

I got to know Chloe a bit better by asking her a few things about herself. She was born in and has lived in the Pittsburgh area for over 30 years. She has two children, son Ezekiel and a daughter Elyte. In her spare time, she likes to build things and do some decorating. I asked why she went into the grocery business. She replied, “I was raised into this business, working with my family and decided to open my own business”. I also asked what her most significant life event was. This is what she had to say, “Becoming the proprietor of my own business and carrying on the legacy of my family, that will eventually be passed on to my children.

Pyramid Grocery is currently experiencing limited inventory and three employees due to the pandemic. Hopeful, Chloe has expectations of expanding to offer more products and services. When asked if there was anyone she’d like to mention in particular, Chloe gave this response, “My two children, parents (Sharon & Johnny Floyd) and my sister (Tenille). Without them, we could not make this business work and a big shout out to my community who support our business”. The reviews for Pyramid grocery are amazing. They have a 4.6 rating with 33 reviews on Google. One person had this to say, “Very friendly. The cleanest and best store in Pittsburg! Also, have the best selection of more healthy choices in beverages. They invest in their store, the kids and this community, and provide other services like paying your utilities, package pick up. The owner even makes salads, soup and chili.”

Chloe likes the fact that Pittsburgh is centrally located and that you can get to any surrounding major city in about 30 minutes. I asked her about her most unusual interaction involving a customer. She told me about the first time when a local woman that eventually became known in the community came into the store naked. Chloe approached her and asked her if she was sure she wanted to go out looking like she did that day. The woman seemed very confused and didn’t understand why Chloe would ask her such a thing. Chloe walked her to a reflective surface within the store, and when the woman saw herself, she immediately started to cry. Chloe told her not to worry, that she could help her. She then proceeded to find something to get her covered up and called the police, who in turn returned her home to her family. “It is times like these we need to show compassion, with no questions, only helping arms.”

Chloe Floyd

Help Chloe and her family build the business by letting them help build you. Check out Pyramid Grocery today.

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