Introducing Some of the Key Players Behind Today’s Modern Symphonies!

By Timothy W. Joseph on June 8, 2023

Daniel S

Colorado – What do Journey, the 1812 Overture, Doctor Who, and Denver, Colorado all have in common? I know that might sound like the setup to a lame joke. However, what ties all those dissimilar things together is anything but lame. I am talking about the exciting music company, Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment!

Okay, for fans of classical music and BBC Sci-fi, just the name should explain two of the references in my question. For those still in the dark, the 1812 Overture is a famous piece of classical music that you’ve no doubt heard during a firework display or during the explosion sequence in the film V for Vendetta. This classic piece of music was created by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky along with other famous works like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker Suite. Well, it just so happens that his great-granddaughter Keeley Tchaikovsky is Joint CEO of Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment along with Daniel Nave.

As the other half of this business venture, Daniel Nave is the founder of Bad Wolf Entertainment. This is where Doctor Who comes into the equation. The name Bad Wolf is a direct reference to story elements for the 9th Doctor in that series. Throughout the show, Bad Wolf was used in various places as an indicator that The Doctor and his companion were heading in the direction they needed to go. In a similar manner, Bad Wolf Entertainment was founded to help guide up-and-coming musicians in the correct direction for their music careers. Bad Wolf and Tchaikovsky merged their two companies into one in 2021 to form Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment, headquartered in Denver, CO.

That’s three of the four references, but how does Journey play into this? Well, that comes from Daniel’s extensive background in the music industry over his career. Daniel has been a live DJ who worked at various music festivals, participated in four music videos on two major labels, was a radio broadcaster, and was the founder of Neal Schon’s official MySpace fan page. While Facebook has dethroned MySpace now, MySpace was the place to be for music not too long ago and the popularity of Daniel’s tribute page led to this Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist calling Daniel directly. “When a rock legend calls, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing; you gotta answer that,” said Daniel concerning that epic moment.

However that wasn’t the only famous encounter in Daniel’s career as he got to meet other music celebrities like Drew Lachey from 98 degrees and Kenny Loggins. In another anecdote, Daniel recalled, “I had performed myself at a different benefit event for a family that had lost their house. I was working for a radio show at the time and they were hosting a benefit show with Mr. Loggins. Before the show I got to meet him and pass the pick I had used for that previous benefit to him. Kenny Loggins ended up finishing the show using my pick. It was a surreal experience.”

Bad Wolf Entertainment

Daniel and his Co-CEO KeeleyTchaikovsky bring more to the table than just stories of the times they met or were related to famous people, as their combined talent, experience, and network allows them to participate in the shaping of the next batch of music celebrities. Denver, CO is not just where their business is headquartered, but also where modern-day symphonies are being created and broadcast. According to Daniel, “Denver has become a bass music mecca. Electronic music is the modern symphony and Denver provides multiple venues for its composers.”

They are helping the next generation of artists and musicians by providing them with essential tools and management to guide them to understanding the entertainment industry. There are numerous things to consider and keep track of such as royalties from copyrights, performance rights, how to monetize a music catalog, making music videos targeted towards the web, and how to properly integrate what they are currently doing with major studios. Daniel has a degree in Introduction to the Music Business from Berkley and a Certificate in Radio and TV broadcasting from Colorado Media School in addition to the  years of experience Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment brings to their clients.

For artists, they provide artist management, booking, music distribution, publishing, video production, an online market, website building and merchandising ambassadors. Their customers can use their website to discover up- an- coming artists as well as purchase music. With their fingers firmly on the pulse of modern music, they can even introduce customers to new types of music categories they never even knew existed. Additionally, they offer regular discounts and special discounts for current military and veterans.

Currently, Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment employs five agent/managers and, four brand ambassadors in addition to the two Joint CEOs. Daniel wanted to give a special shoutout to Caleb Gauwitz at Professional Headbangerz. “Caleb went from knowing nothing about the industry to booking clients and events. As far as agents/managers go, he’s at the top.” To also help others learn the industry, they offer paid internships to help students get credit hours and hands on experience.

Daniel emphasized, “Just sharing my own music wasn’t enough. I wanted to give other artists the opportunity to spread their own music. Artists often create for their own mental health, but have a hard time finding an audience and a way to turn their art into a living. When an artist has to focus the business or their income more than the art, they can get burnt out and the music suffers for it. We want to take the burden of managing and navigating the business side of things so that they can focus on their music. Keep making your music and we will help guide you with our light through the darkness of the music industry.”

While Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment is deeply involved with the Denver music scene, they have artists from all over the US and Canada, and even from Brazil. Their web presence allows their customers to be anywhere in the US. Currently, they are in the process of expanding into the West Coast with a new location in the birthplace of grunge, Seattle, Washington.

If you are a musician or just a music fan, you can check out everything Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment has to offer at Join Daniel and Keeley on their journey as the “pioneers of the modern age symphony.” You won’t be disappointed.


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