Mandy Jeanne Wants to Help You Find Guidance Through Tarot Card Reading!

By Timothy W. Joseph on June 2, 2023

Nocturne Tarot

Cincinnati, OH – For the past 20 years, Mandy Jeanne Carroll has been helping people find clarity and reassurance through Tarot reading. She learned the art of card reading as a child, but it was something she did part time and at events until she felt a calling to turn it into a full-time profession.

In her own words, “Everyone has an innate ability. It’s up to us to learn how to grow that, so that we can be of benefit to those we connect with. Someone shared this quote with me, ‘Your life is, at best, an offering to others’, and I’ve tried to live by those words ever since.”

Originally born overseas to a military family, Mandy now resides in the Cincinnati, Ohio area to be close to family. While physical limitations mean that in-person sessions are only feasible in her local vicinity, thanks to technology breakthroughs like video chat, she is able to perform her cartomancy online as well. All that is required is that her clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible so she can connect fully during the reading.

Mandy is a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to her community. Through her company Nocturne Tarot, she has helped numerous people find their way through this journey we call life. One such client, Candis, had this to say, “She is so gentle and kind with you and really understands you so well. I would not trust anyone else with my situation. She really takes care of me and my soul in such a way that I feel SAFE with her and that is SOOOO important to me.”

To dispel some common misconceptions about Tarot, Mandy says, “Tarot is not scary. It’s not calling on demons or devils. It’s all about your own energy. What you are putting into the reading is what you are going to get out of it. Readings are simply pathways for exploration; getting to know yourself better.”

Mandy continues, “Sometimes when people hear the word ‘Nocturne’ they think of fear or not knowing what is out there. However, the ‘Nocturne’ is a reference to the side of yourself that may only come out at night. The focus is self-exploration and knowing everything you are. This isn’t seeing the future; no matter what you get, you have to commit to making the changes you want to happen. You can’t change what needs to be changed or embrace something if it is something you keep hidden even from yourself. Additionally, the cards themselves use a lot of nocturnal imagery: cats, owls, moons, etc.”

Mandy Jeanne

Mandy got into this business through her Appalachian roots, which fortify her with a deep reverence for the powerful mysticism of nature as well as the intrinsic bonds shared between all beings. According to her, “We were taught to listen to our dreams; raised in that belief. Of course, I am not going to connect with everyone seeking a reading. If for whatever reason, I can’t resonate with the client, I will not hesitate to refer them to another reader. It doesn’t help them or me to perform a reading without a genuinely deep connection.”

Supporting Mandy is her husband Brad and their 3 children ages 18, 16 and 11. “My husband Brad is a critical support in doing what I do. He is with me when I do events to help with the set-up and displays. He is not only my cheerleader, but my right hand, and sometimes my left hand too.”

There are other Tarot card reader out there, but Mandy believes that what sets her apart is “My ability to meet people where they are. I prefer to establish long term relationships, that lead to deeper connections and more accurate readings. This is why my readings have the follow-up related to that reading included. I’m not interested in one-and-done style readings. Also, I’ll be offering educational events and workshops soon, as well as meetups for anyone who wants to learn more about reading or to find kinship!”

“Additionally, I make custom Intention bags for my clients. These are personalized talismans and curios based on their individual reading. Just like each individual, no two can ever be the same. Tarot readings shouldn’t be ‘one size fits all’; your reading should be as unique as you!”

For those of you who are looking for professional guidance or reassurance from an experienced Tarot reader, Mandy Jeanne Carroll at Nocturne Tarot should be your first choice. Contact Mandy at, or visit to schedule a free consultation!

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