Leave it to Meeka: Elevating Moments, Crafting Dreams

By Tabitha Premnath on February 15, 2024

Leave It to Meeka - Wedding, Events, Interiors

Detroit, MI – In the heart of Detroit, a creative force named Meeka Hughes stands at the helm of her company, Leave it to Meeka, a testament to passion, dedication and the art of turning dreams into reality through event planning and interior design. As the owner and creative director, Meeka brings not just expertise but a profound connection to the city that shaped her. A proud alumna of Cass Technical High School, she embodies the spirit of Detroit.

Leave It to Meeka - Wedding, Events, Interiors

Weddings, events, and interiors encapsulate the essence of Leave it to Meeka. Beyond the conventional, Meeka positions her business as a concierge service, aiming to handle all aspects and deliver an unparalleled experience.

The main problem Meeka solves for her clients is solving the overwhelming stress of event planning. As a guiding hand, she helps them navigate every step, offering insights and solutions they might not have considered. Leave it to Meeka takes the stress out of planning, allowing clients to focus on enjoying their special moments.

Services offered by Leave it to Meeka span event planning, event decorating, interior decorating, wedding planning, holiday decorating, creative catering and specialized parties for kids including stations for memorable birthdays. Her expertise lies in curating unique themes, and no vision is too extravagant for her to bring to life. She excels in transforming clients’ imaginative themes into tangible realities. While mainly covering metro Detroit, Meeka’s vision knows no bounds.

What sets Leave it to Meeka apart is not just the singular name but the incredible team behind it. With eight dedicated individuals currently on board, Meeka acknowledges the strength of her team and their contribution to the company’s success. Looking forward, she aims to expand, recognizing the immense potential for growth.

Leave It to Meeka - Wedding, Events, Interiors

Targeting young and mid-age busy professionals, including doctors, lawyers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, Meeka’s expertise goes beyond conventional event planning. Her in-home parties have become legendary, adding a personal touch to every celebration. Her clients appreciate her ability to transform the ambience of their homes into a feel of grandeur and elegance without the need of a separate event venue.

Her list of certifications and awards is a testament to her commitment to excellence. From being a PB Protege of Preston Bailey, the world renowned designer, to certifications from the BTV Academy and Aspiring Designer’s Academy, she has honed her skills. Recognized as an accredited event designer with IWED Academy, Meeka’s qualifications speak volumes about her dedication to her craft.

Meeka’s journey into the world of event planning and interior design began in the corridors of a law firm where Meeka served as a legal assistant. Her turning point emerged as the firm she worked at faced challenges. Meeka’s natural talent for organizing events came to the forefront during a crucial meeting setup, catching the attention of the CEO. This pivotal moment planted the seed for Leave it to Meeka, which Meeka officially established in 2014.

Meeka’s family story weaves a tapestry of support and inspiration. With a small immediate family, her roots extend deep into a large extended family. Inspired by her stylish mother, whose impeccable fashion sense and interior decorating skills transformed their home into a haven of style, she cultivated a passion for interior design from a young age.

For those seeking a touch of magic in their events, “Leave it to Meeka” is not just a service; it’s a promise of unforgettable moments. Discover the world of possibilities at Leave it to Meeka’s official website and witness the art of turning dreams into reality. “Leave it to Meeka” – where every event becomes a masterpiece.

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