Jonathan Cromwell, D.C. – Discover The Painless Path To Healthy Living Near Farmington MI

By Nevalo Anthony on February 26, 2024

The Painless Path To Healthy Living

Cromwell Family Chiropractic: Where Healing Begins Naturally

Farmington, MI – In the heart of downtown Farmington, Michigan, a family-oriented atmosphere and a commitment to natural healing converge at Cromwell Family Chiropractic (CFC),  Owned and led by Jonathan Cromwell, D.C., a chiropractic visionary, this practice has been offering holistic health solutions since its establishment in 1994. The name of the business itself reflects a core value: family. It’s not just about treating individuals; it’s about nurturing a community’s wellness.

A Practice Rooted in Empathy and Expertise

The Painless Path To Healthy Living

Dr. Cromwell and his team offer a plethora of treatments aimed at addressing the root cause of pain and discomfort. These services include spinal adjustments, disc decompression therapy, massage therapy, PEMF therapy, pain management, injury care and gentle arthritis care. With such a wide array of services, Cromwell Family Chiropractic ensures that patients have access to non-invasive alternatives to traditional medical treatments.

The Cromwell Difference

What truly sets Cromwell Family Chiropractic apart is the combined 112 years of experience shared among the four doctors on staff. Whether it’s a one-year-old or a centenarian, the team at CFC can adapt their techniques to provide comfort to all age groups. The light, adaptable adjustment methods of Dr’s. Shah, Dimitriou, Wetherbee, and Cromwell cater to individual needs, demonstrating a finesse and understanding of patient care that is unparalleled.

A Life Dedicated to Others

Dr. Cromwell’s passion for chiropractic care is deeply personal. In 1987, moved by a desire to help people improve their health without surgical interventions, he embarked on a journey that has now spanned over three decades.

He has lived in Michigan for most of his life.  Dr. Cromwell’s roots in the community run deep, just like his commitment to his patients.

Celebrating Team Spirit

With a staff of 15 team members, including four doctors, the practice is a bustling hub of talent and compassion.

A special mention goes to the office manager, Jennifer, whose leadership abilities and dedication have been instrumental in creating an environment where exceptional service thrives.

Transformative Moments

Dr. Cromwell has a collection of significant professional moments that stand testament to the power of chiropractic care. From assisting in turning a breech baby, enabling an adult to return to work post-COVID, to aiding a “septuagenarian ironman” to compete after a leg injury, his experiences underscore the profound impact that chiropractic interventions can have on people’s lives.

Trusting the Healing Process

These experiences have reinforced Dr. Cromwell’s belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when properly aided.

Cromwell Family Chiropractic’s mission is “The doctor removes the interference and the body heals.”

A Testimonial That Speaks Volumes

Amid the array of services and heartfelt stories, nothing speaks quite as eloquently about the impact of Cromwell Family Chiropractic as the words of those whose lives have been transformed by their care. One patient’s experience encapsulates the profound effect Dr. Cromwell’s work can have:

“This is the first time in 15 years I haven’t felt pain in my life. I feel so good! After months of sleepless nights, I got a full night’s rest. Dr. C. saved me from pain management and having to take more pills to manage the pain. Thank you, Dr. C., for giving me my life back!”

Such testimonials are a common thread among the patients at Cromwell Family Chiropractic. (See More Video & Written Testimonials).  They not only underscore the clinic’s commitment to healing but also serve as a beacon of hope for those still searching for relief from chronic pain and the burdens it carries. Dr. Cromwell’s approach provides more than just treatment—it offers a new lease on life.

Community and Recognition

Dr. Cromwell’s contributions extend beyond the clinic. His practice supports the Farmington Neighborhood House annually with food and clothing drives. Further cementing his status as a community leader, he also provides continuing education courses to fellow chiropractors, sharing knowledge and fostering growth within the profession.

A Family Man at Heart

Happily married for over three decades and a father to five, Dr. Cromwell now also enjoys the role of grandfather. His familial ties extend to his practice and the care he provides, as he believes in nurturing patients with the same warmth and support as he does his family.

The Charm of Downtown Farmington

Dr. Cromwell’s affection for downtown Farmington is evident. He appreciates the area’s quaint charm, quality of life, and the incredible people who make up the community.

Growth and Innovation

Cromwell Family Chiropractic isn’t resting on its laurels. The practice continues to grow and innovate, incorporating modern therapies such as PEMF and decompression therapy into their traditional chiropractic care offerings, ensuring a progressive yet grounded approach to health.

An Invitation to Natural Healing

Dr. Cromwell leaves us with a message that is both simple and profound: “Your body can heal; sometimes it just needs a little help.” It’s a reminder that sometimes the path to wellness is a return to the basics of natural care and the gentle touch of a chiropractor dedicated to the well-being of his community.

You’re invited to participate in the many healing methods at Cromwell Family Chiropractic.  Call our office today for a No-Charge HydroMassage session at (248) 477-1492 or visit us online

Cromwell Family Chiropractic
23280 Farmington Rd.
Farmington, MI 48336
Office: (248) 477-1492
Fax: (248) 474-9099

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