Mattress By Appointment in Philadelphia

By Mark Wilkerson on September 2, 2021

Joe Doroba

For the past 1.5 years, Joe Doroba and his Mattress by Appointment team have been offering mattresses at 50% to 80% below retail “by appointment” in the Metro Philadelphia area.

“What makes us different is that I and my son Nicholas believe in developing relationships with our clients. We don’t just focus on sales but treat our clients like family so that we can understand their needs on a personal level and provide unmatched product offerings.”

Joe Doroba and his two sons, Nicholas and Jimmy, have been doing business as “Mattress by Appointment,” which is a large franchise company. Joe has a license with the parent company. A Philadelphia native, born and raised, Joe loves all sports, including baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and golf, and he is a raving Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and 76ers fan.

Joe is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to his community. High standards of professionalism and the strong work ethics of small business owners like Joe are the infrastructures of the Philadelphia economy.

Every dollar that Joe makes goes back to supporting the local business ecosystem and the community as he personally supports his local parish and also attends mass every Sunday.

Joe has a beautiful family with his wife and two sons. What he loves most about Philadelphia is its diversity. Joe loves music and is also a musician.  He plays keyboard.

We sat down with Joe for a quick interview –

Q: What is the main problem that you solve for your customers?

A: In order to get the full comfort of a mattress, one has to lay on it for 10 to 20 minutes. We understand that selecting a mattress for purchase is a personal experience, and clients don’t want people milling around and watching.  We allow the clients to choose a high-quality mattress with privacy with a one on one experience at an affordable price. It is a great and unique concept and emphasizes our unmatched service.

Q: How did you get into this profession?

A:  I have been working as an entrepreneur for years and was successful in the restaurant business. I had a friend who was in the mattress business, and he influenced me to join this business.  After researching this unique concept of selling high-quality mattresses “by appointment” so that the clients could save money and I get a profitable deal as well, I looked at it as a WIN-WIN and landed into this business.

Q: What is the most significant event that ever happened to you, and what did you learn from it?

A:  I donated a kidney to the sister of a lifelong friend in 2007.  I went to school with her brother, and when I saw her condition, I volunteered to help.  After 14 years, she is doing great, and I feel great about it.

I realized how important it is to love, share and help each other.  We have to help our neighbors.  We carry this into our business as well as we see ourselves as helping people in our business.  Because of our low overhead, the clients can save money when purchasing high-quality mattresses.

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a furniture vendor, what would it be?

A: Selecting a mattress is very personal.  One should pick a place where you are comfortable and where no one is watching you. As we are not typical salespeople, we pay individual attention and give you a comfortable space so that you can make the best purchase decision.

Q: Being a furniture vendor, Joe works directly with many people, we asked him, “what’s your general client interaction?”

A: I have had many client interactions, and I believe when dealing with the public you are always in for a surprise.

For those of you who are looking for a professional furniture vendor for the best deals, Joe Doroba and his Mattress by Appointment team should be your first choice. Mattress by Appointment supports our troops with special discounts to the military, police, fire, and rescue, and 10% for all first responders.







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