Meet Laura Gonzalez, Revenue Manager of HHProcessors: A Story of Passion and Innovation

By Antonio Mansueto on July 4, 2024

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Vancouver, WA – In the vibrant world of business, few companies manage to blend passion with innovation as seamlessly as HHProcessors, a company that offers white label and private label solutions to businesses that want to create their own branded products. With Revenue Manager Laura Gonzalez, this company stands out not just for its products, but for its commitment to improving lives.

From humble beginnings in the CBD market to exploring a wide array of wellness products, HHProcessors has carved a unique niche in the industry. Its headquarters is in Potomac, Maryland, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing facility is in Vancouver, Washington. Let us delve into the story of Laura Gonzalez and the remarkable journey of HHProcessors.

Services Offered

At the heart of HHProcessors are two primary services: white label and private label solutions. These services cater to businesses looking to create their own branded products.

HHProcessors - Laura Gonzalez

“We assist our clients by managing their concerns about formulations,” says Laura.

Their offerings include a wide range of products categorized as edibles and topicals. The product lineup includes gummies, balms, tinctures, powder capsules, chewable tablets, creams and lotions, skincare products, roll-ons, massage oils, body care items, canine products, bath items, and hand sanitizers.

HHProcessors addresses various concerns through these products, including wellness, discomfort management, beauty and skincare, sleep / sweet dreams support, PMS support, immunity and energy, longevity and vitality, canine care, and bath and spa body care. HHProcessors ensures that their clients can focus on building their brands with high-quality products designed to enhance daily life and wellness.

Solving Customer Problems

One of the biggest hurdles for small and medium-sized businesses is the development of effective formulations. HHProcessors addresses this by providing ready-made, scientifically backed formulas.

Laura emphasizes, “Our clients don’t have to worry about creating their own formulations. They can focus on building their brand while we provide them with top-notch products.”

Ideal Customer Persona

HHProcessors primarily serves medium to small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals who have a vision but need support in execution. “We aim to support businesses with a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 500 units per product, making it easier for startups and growing companies to manage their inventory and costs,” Laura notes. This approach allows HHProcessors to foster long-term relationships with their clients, aiding them in their journey to success.

The Name Behind the Business

HHProcessors, a name that resonates with innovation and dedication, originally stemmed from the company’s roots in the holy hemp industry. Initially focused on CBD products for pain management, the company soon expanded its horizons. Laura explains, “We realized we wanted to venture into other markets beyond CBD, including various active ingredients beneficial for pain relief, brain boosting, longevity, and overall wellness.” The name HHProcessors thus reflects a broad commitment to production and wellness, sounding cool and fitting perfectly with their mission.

Years of Experience

With over 15 years of experience across various industries and more than five years in providing white and private label services, HHProcessors has a rich history of expertise. Laura, who joined the team a year ago, expresses her enthusiasm, “I’m incredibly happy to be part of HHProcessors. The experience has been rewarding, and I’m proud to contribute to our growth.”

The Team and Their Expertise

HHProcessors boasts a diverse and highly skilled team. Laura highlights the contributions of their Director of Operations, Benysh Qureshi, “She has been instrumental in our growth, bringing her expertise in white and private label projects to the table.” With a team of sixty people, HHProcessors continues to innovate and expand, driven by a shared passion for wellness and client success.

The sales team at HHProcessors is a dynamic and dedicated group spearheaded by the adept Director of Operations, Benysh Qureshi. With a global perspective and extensive experience in white and private label projects, Benysh plays a pivotal role in guiding the team towards achieving their goals. Her leadership is marked by a deep understanding of market trends and client needs, enabling the sales team to forge strong relationships and deliver tailored solutions. Under her guidance, the team not only excels in meeting sales targets but also in fostering client satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring that HHProcessors remains a trusted partner in the wellness industry.

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Competitive Edge

What sets HHProcessors apart is their genuine love for what they do and their client-centric approach. “We truly listen to our clients’ needs and strive to meet them with our solutions,” Laura explains. This dedication to understanding and fulfilling client requirements fosters trust and long-term partnerships.

The Inspiration Behind the Business

The inspiration behind HHProcessors lies in a deep-rooted desire to help humanity. The company’s CEO, Ram Mukunda, hails from India and has always prioritized humanitarian efforts. Laura shares, “Our parent company, IGC Pharma, is dedicated to researching and finding cures for Alzheimer’s disease. This spirit of research and dedication to wellness permeates everything we do at HHProcessors.” IGC stands for “Inspire. Grow. Care.”

Special Services and Discounts

In addition to their standard services, HHProcessors offers exclusive discounts during trade shows and events. This not only helps in building connections but also provides clients with the opportunity to explore their offerings at a reduced cost.

Awards and Recognition

HHProcessors has garnered recognition for their innovative products, including an award for Product of the Year for their high-potency CBD cream. This accolade is a testament to their commitment to quality and efficacy.

Final Thoughts: Elevating Wellness with HHProcessors

Laura Gonzalez and the team at HHProcessors are not just in the business of production; they are in the business of improving lives. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, HHProcessors continues to lead the way in the wellness industry. Their unique approach and comprehensive product range make them an invaluable partner for businesses aiming to offer top-tier wellness products. If you’re looking to elevate your brand with high-quality, impactful wellness products, HHProcessors is the partner you need.

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