Meet Moesha Murray: The Heart Behind Moletres, Offering Spiritual Life Coaching, Natural Healing and Beauty Products

By Daniel Skeen on July 5, 2024

Spiritual Life Coaching, Natural Healing and Beauty Products

New York, NY – Moesha Murray, the founder of Moletres, is a dynamic and inspiring figure in the realm of spiritual life coaching. Her business name, Moletres, inspired by the mythical phoenix-like bird, symbolizes renewal and rebirth—an apt metaphor for the transformative journey she offers her clients.

A Unique Approach to Spiritual Healing

Moletres_Spiritual Life Coaching, Natural Healing and Beauty Products

Moesha’s service as a spiritual life coach is unique. She harnesses the healing energy of pearls, which she chose for their natural properties, coming from a living creature. One grain of sand, like a struggle in life, causes growth and creates something unique and beautiful. This sets her apart from others who typically use crystals.

Moesha’s approach includes providing a personalized affirmation chant that clients use alongside her pearl infused beauty and wellness products (candles, soaps, bath soaks, lip gloss, perfume, and more) enhancing the healing energy and fostering trust in oneself. This focus on self-trust is crucial as Moesha believes that only you can take yourself where you need to go.

Serving a Diverse Clientele

Based in New York City, Moletres serves both local and international clients. Moesha’s impact is worldwide. She has been in business for three years. Her services cater to a broad demographic from young adults to seniors, and include people of all genders and orientations who are struggling with who they really are at their core and seeking guidance from within.

What Sets Moletres Apart

Moesha is the “new kid on the block,” eager to help and uniquely positioned with her use of pearls for healing energy. This distinct approach not only differentiates her from her competitors but also highlights her innovative spirit. Moesha’s beauty on the outside comes from her beauty on the inside and her spiritual connection to something deeper and bigger than herself. She radiates warmth and positivity.

The Passion Behind the Business

Moesha ventured into this business to work for herself and make a positive impact on others. The transformative effect of her work on her clients is a significant motivator. As a lifelong resident of NYC, she has a deep connection with her community, having lived there for 27 years.

A Family Affair

Moesha’s 11-year-old daughter is her informal apprentice, helping her create her products. This involvement teaches her daughter strength and independence, values Moesha holds dear. Despite being a single mom, she manages her business and family with grace and dedication. Moesha had her daughter at just 16, an experience that shaped her into the strong, resilient person she is today. She strives to pass that strength and beauty onto her spiritual coaching clients as she believes strength and beauty are inseparable qualities.

Community and Growth

Moesha actively volunteers at her local community center and participates in local events like the recent Juneteenth celebration, emphasizing her belief in love and community over hatred. Recently, Moletres has seen significant growth, driven by her participation in street fairs, pop-up shops, and community networking.

Overcoming Challenges

Moesha’s most significant personal achievement is moving out on her own as a young single mother, a milestone that gave her the confidence to handle anything. Her prior experience as a home health aide also provided valuable lessons in dealing with diverse people and challenging situations.

Why She is Such an Amazing Spiritual Life Coach

Moesha advises readers to never forget who they are. It’s essential to stay true to oneself, to know and follow your path.

Awards and Recognition

Moesha’s hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. She received the Global Recognition Award in 2023 and was named Rookie of the Year for her dance team.

A Vibrant Personal Life

Outside of her business, Moesha enjoys dancing, singing, rapping, and performing arts. She dreams of further involvement in theater, which she is currently studying.


Moesha Murray’s journey with Moletres is a testament to her resilience, passion, and commitment to helping others. Her unique approach to spiritual life coaching through the healing energy of pearls, coupled with her deep connection to the community, makes her a standout figure in her industry.

Visit the Moletres website and welcome more strength and beauty into your life!

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