MHS Professional Services LLC: A Beacon of Integrity and Expertise in Madison’s Financial Landscape

By Tabitha Premnath on February 9, 2024

MHS Tax Strategist

Madison, WI – In the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, Quinesha McNeal, steward and owner of MHS Professional Services LLC, is not just running a business; she’s shaping a narrative of financial empowerment and growth.

MHS Tax Strategist

Since the inception of MHS Professional Services LLC in September 2020, Quinesha has been on a mission to empower small businesses. Her tagline, “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business,” underscores the importance of financial literacy.

MHS Professional Services LLC doesn’t just offer accounting; it provides relief from the stress and burden that often accompanies financial matters. Quinesha specializes in explaining complex concepts in a digestible manner, instilling confidence in her clients. Whether it’s tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, notary services, or payroll assistance, her comprehensive offerings cater to the unique needs of each business. Quinesha prioritizes communication, fostering not only her growth but also that of her clients.

Quinesha emphasizes the importance of acting promptly in managing finances. She recommends tools like QuickBooks for startups, stresses the significance of keeping receipts, and advocates for delegating tasks as your business grows.

Her mentorship extends beyond her services. She offers valuable tips to fellow entrepreneurs: “Don’t wait. It is important to have your numbers in order. As you continue to grow, bring someone on board that can do the things you cannot do. Don’t feel like you have to wear every hat. Don’t be stressed.”

The vision of MHS Professional Services LLC extends beyond its current boundaries. Quinesha envisions her firm as a trusted beacon of integrity and competence, offering tailored accounting services to clients in Madison and beyond. With plans to expand online, she aims to reach businesses from Middleton to Sun Prairie and beyond.

Born and raised in Madison, Quinesha has witnessed the city’s remarkable evolution, from her days in Monona schools to her graduation from La Follette High School in 2004. With a preference for the southeast, she appreciates the city’s diverse neighborhoods and the unique charm each brings, making her deeply connected to the pulse of Madison’s ever-changing landscape.

Quinesha is a mother of six, ranging from 18 years to a lively 6-year-old. This not only adds a remarkable personal touch to her business but also keeps her in tune with the varied needs and stages of life in the community. The vibrant mix of ages in her family has become a wellspring of knowledge, allowing her to understand and relate to people of all ages. As a faith-based business owner, she adds a relational touch often missing in the industry.

Quinesha’s journey into the financial world started with a compassionate heart. Initially trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she spent a decade helping others before realizing her passion for numbers. Transitioning to medical billing, she further pursued accounting at Madison College. Her entrepreneurial spirit was evident even before formal education, as she had already established her own business.

With an associates degree in accounting, Quinesha holds certifications from the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and is a proud member of Madison’s Black Chamber of Commerce. In a city where few black-owned accounting firms exist, she stands out as a testament to diversity and excellence.

In addition to Quinesha, MHS Professional Services LLC boasts a dedicated team. Notably, her partner and mentor, on the cusp of becoming a CPA, contributes to the firm’s commitment to excellence.

As you navigate the intricate landscape of financial management, consider MHS Professional Services LLC as your dedicated partner for success and growth. Visit their website today to discover how their tailored accounting solutions can transform your business narrative. Let MHS Professional Services LLC be the guiding light in your financial journey.

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