Diverse Glo, LLC: Unleashing Radiance and Confidence in Every Strand

By Tabitha Premnath on February 9, 2024

Diverse Glo

Metairie, LA – Step into the world of Diverse Glo, where Obrian Kerr, the creative force behind the brand, weaves magic into hair care. Born in Jamaica and drawn to Louisiana, Obrian’s journey into the hair care industry is deeply personal, rooted in love, family and the desire to make a meaningful impact.

Diverse Glo - Hair Care

From the vibrant landscapes of Jamaica to the lively streets of Louisiana, Obrian found his second home in Metairie, just 15 minutes from New Orleans. Enchanted by the melting pot culture and the familial atmosphere, Louisiana felt like an extension of his Jamaican roots. In this welcoming community, everyone is like family, akin to the spirit of his homeland. Metairie is more than a place for Obrian; it’s a home away from home.

At the heart of Obrian’s world is his 19-year-old son and his extended family. With two brothers and one sister, family gatherings are rare but monumental. Last Thanksgiving was a special celebration as all his siblings and their families visited him in Metairie, making it a joyous reunion despite the geographical distances.

Diverse Glo isn’t just a hair care brand; it’s a testament to a brother’s love and a sister’s struggle. Witnessing his sister battle alopecia, both physically and emotionally, Obrian was compelled to make a difference, but using only natural solutions. Jamaican ingredients, meticulous research and unwavering determination culminated in a unique formula. Within three months, his sister’s transformation was not just physical but a revival of her spirit.

Diverse Glo - Hair Growth Serum

Initially seeking a scented beard oil for himself, Obrian’s journey expanded to create products for both men and women. Diverse Glo’s range addresses various hair concerns, from alopecia and hair loss to dandruff and thinning hair. The name Diverse Glo encapsulates the brand’s commitment to catering to diverse hair types, ages and needs. The products are not just natural and organic; they’re safe for all ages, even the tiniest members of the family.

The tagline “Protect, strengthen and restore” embodies the core mission of Diverse Glo. Obrian’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) lies not just in the effectiveness of the products but in the luxurious fragrances inspired by renowned brands like Gucci, Polo and Versace.

Diverse Glo is not just solving hair problems; it’s empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty and enhance confidence. Launched in March 2023 after five years of meticulous development, Diverse Glo envisions becoming a leading brand in the beauty industry. Their commitment to sustainability, diversity and inclusivity sets them apart.

Obrian urges skeptics to try the products, guaranteeing visible results with consistency. With testimonials pouring in, the impact is evident, not just locally but resonating with users everywhere. The 1 oz bottles, used three times a day, promise transformative results.

Obrian’s business tip echoes Nike’s famous slogan – “Just do it.” He emphasizes the urgency of starting, urging others not to delay their dreams.

Visit Diverse Glo’s website to explore the transformative power of natural and organic hair care. Obrian Kerr’s journey from Jamaica to Louisiana has not just crafted a brand; it’s created a movement. Join the Diverse Glo family and embark on a hair care journey that goes beyond strands.  It’s about embracing your unique beauty. Choose more than just a product; choose a transformative experience.

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