Recharge Mobile: Mobile IV Therapy to Treat and Prevent Illness

By Brendon Worth on October 10, 2023

Mobile IV Therapy to Treat and Prevent Illness

Southlake, TX – Deborah Guerrero RN is the nurse and co-owner behind Recharge Mobile. She comes to your home or business when you need  intravenous (IV) therapy for treatment of acute illnesses such as migraines and stomach issues or when you need IV treatment to prevent illnesses and boost your immune system with fluids and vitamins. Just a call can bring Deborah to your home without the time-consuming hassle of going to an emergency room or doctor’s office where you could be exposed to people with contagious illnesses. You can call Recharge Mobile no matter where you live or work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Deborah has been a nurse for over 15 years, and started as an ER nurse. She is well-equipped to help you fight and prevent illnesses through IV therapy. She has the experience to know when IV therapy is not enough, and when you need to go straight to the emergency room.

Deborah recommends that anyone considering IV mobile therapy look for a provider with the experience and qualifications to fully assess your situation and proceed safely.

One of the most surprising things that has happened in Deborah’s professional life is that when she worked as an ER nurse, she had a patient come in complaining of abdominal pain. It turns out the patient did not realize she was pregnant! An hour later, she had her baby.

Deborah says that becoming a nurse was the most significant event in her life. It made all of the pieces fit in her life and set her on her path. She realized early on that she wanted to help take care of people through health and wellness services.

Recharge Mobile provides special deals in some cases:

  • 10% off for military personnel, veterans and first responders
  • Group discounts for groups of three people or more
  • Special event pricing for festivals and other events

Mobile IV Therapy to Treat and Prevent Illness

Deborah supports the local community schools. She is a member of chambers of commerce groups and  women entrepreneur groups. Her husband is a co-owner of the business, and they have two children.

Deborah’s husband does triathlons and has found that the IV treatments help his endurance and recovery. In fact her husband is her number one client!

She enjoys living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area because she feels it is very family friendly, a place where children are welcome. In her leisure time, Deborah enjoys reading, traveling and baking.

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