Savvy Sips Mobile Bar: Stirring Up Fun One Sip at a Time

By Toby Ethington on June 7, 2024

Savvy Sips Mobile Bar

Thornton, CO – Located in Thornton, Colorado, Savvy Sips Mobile Bar is making waves in the event industry with its unique mobile bar services. Founded by Lisa Duran, this innovative business brings professional bartending to private events, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all guests.

A Unique Mobile Bar Experience

Lisa Duran, the owner of Savvy Sips Mobile Bar, created the business to offer a distinctive service in the growing field of mobile bars. Savvy Sips provides dry-hire bartenders who bring all the necessary bar essentials except for the alcohol, which clients can purchase independently. This approach not only saves clients money but also allows them to choose their preferred alcohol brands.

savvy_sips Mobile Bar_Lisa_Duran

“We give our clients a detailed alcohol shopping list based on their menu and guest count, which they can source themselves,” Lisa explains. “This way, they can shop around for the best prices and avoid any overcharging.”

Comprehensive Services for Any Event
Savvy Sips Mobile Bar caters to a variety of private events including weddings, corporate functions, and backyard parties. Their services include providing barware, ice, cups, mixers, and more. They also offer mocktails for non-alcoholic events.

One of their notable events was for Tesla, which received rave reviews: “Savvy Sips was absolutely amazing! I hired Lisa for a Tesla event I was hosting, and she was professional, on time, handled a large crowd, and her trailer was just so much fun! We will be hiring Savvy Sips again for future Tesla events.”

Another review highlights their attention to detail and professionalism:
“Savvy Sips was incredible. They are extremely professional and go above and beyond in their presentation. The cart was decorated beautifully and festive, and the drinks matched the vibe from the rim to the garnish—delicious. 10/10 recommend.”

Meet Stetson: The Heart of Savvy Sips
One of the standout features of Savvy Sips Mobile Bar is Stetson, their beautifully refurbished 1973 horse trailer. Lisa and her husband transformed Stetson into a functional and stylish mobile bar, complete with new bar tops, shelving, rims, tires, and flooring. “We named him Stetson and added our logo. He’s a handsome little guy who always gets people’s attention,” Lisa shares.

Stetson is not just a bar; he’s a photo op and a conversation starter at every event. “People love taking pictures with Stetson,” Lisa says.

For venues where the trailer cannot be accommodated, Savvy Sips offers a satellite bar option. This smaller, stand-up bar can be set up indoors, ensuring that the party goes on seamlessly.


Going the Extra Mile
What sets Savvy Sips Mobile Bar apart from the competition is their flexibility and commitment to customer satisfaction. They provide customized drink menus and decorations to match the event theme.

Lisa shares, “Our mission at Savvy Sips Mobile Bar is simple: to elevate every event with our expertly crafted drinks, professional service, and seamless execution. We’re committed to making every occasion unforgettable, one sip at a time.”

Building a Community
Lisa and her husband, who both run the business, are passionate about creating a fun and engaging atmosphere at every event. They have plans to expand their team and services, including offering cocktail classes and event planning. Lisa also enjoys helping others get started in the mobile bar industry, providing advice and support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Savvy Sips Mobile Bar has quickly gained a reputation for excellence, with word-of-mouth referrals driving their growth. Their future goal is to have their own event venue where they can host a variety of functions from bridal showers to corporate events.

Savvy Sips Mobile Bar is dedicated to making every event they attend a memorable experience. With their unique approach to mobile bartending and the charm of Stetson, Lisa and her team provide exceptional service, delicious drinks, and a fun atmosphere. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a backyard party, Savvy Sips Mobile Bar is the perfect addition to elevate your event.


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