Spotlight on Jason: The Driving Force Behind IPAC Auto Spa

By Ken Sar on May 17, 2024

Ontario, CA – What do precision, innovation, and expert Tesla repairs have in common? They define IPAC Auto Spa, a specialized service center dedicated to keeping your Tesla in top shape. Under the leadership of Jason Bunn, a seasoned software engineer turned automotive expert, IPAC Auto Spa brings a unique blend of technological savvy and automotive prowess to Ontario’s car service industry.

What is IPAC Auto Spa and Why Does it Matter?

IPAC Auto Spa stands for Innovative Precision Auto Corp, a name that encapsulates the ethos of the business. Jason’s venture into the world of automotive repairs, particularly for Tesla vehicles, stems from his deep understanding of technology and engineering. With a focus on high-quality, cost-effective solutions, IPAC Auto Spa offers a crucial service for Tesla owners seeking expert care outside the conventional dealership network.


The Services That Set IPAC Apart

1. Tesla Specialist Repairs

From battery issues to specific mechanical problems, IPAC is equipped to handle complex repairs that often stump traditional mechanics. Jason’s background as a software engineer enables him to navigate the intricacies of Tesla’s technology with ease. At IPAC Automotive, their team of highly trained EV repair specialists have the expertise to accurately diagnose and properly repair any high voltage battery issues your Tesla may be experiencing.

2. Cosmetic Enhancements

Recognizing the desire of many car owners to maintain their vehicle’s aesthetics along with performance, IPAC also offers cosmetic services to make any ride look as good as new.
When you have any of IPAC’s Revivify Ceramic Coating packages installed on your vehicle, you will get a multi-layer coating similar to Paint Protection Film.  It adds layers of protection and has self-heal properties due to its silicon-based properties and lasts for years!


3. Precision and Quality

With a commitment to precision, IPAC ensures that every repair or upgrade meets the highest standards of quality. Jason’s approach is all about getting it right the first time, minimizing the need for return visits and building trust with his clientele.

Community and Customer Focus

Jason and his team at IPAC Auto Spa not only focus on cars but also on the community they serve. Located within a 20-mile radius of Ontario, the shop has become a hub where technology meets automotive care. Jason’s personal touch and community involvement, including charitable activities like feeding the homeless, make IPAC more than just a service center; it’s a part of the community fabric.

Future Plans for IPAC Auto Spa

As IPAC continues to grow, Jason is focused on expanding the scope of services and possibly exploring new locations to reach more customers. His forward-thinking approach promises exciting developments for IPAC Auto Spa and its loyal customer base.


At IPAC Auto Spa, Jason has created more than just a repair shop; he has built a sanctuary for Tesla owners looking for expert, affordable care. His blend of technical expertise and passion for automotive excellence makes IPAC a standout in the industry, ensuring that every customer drives away satisfied.

More info on IPAC Automotive can be found on their website at

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