iDenver Repairs Sets a New Standard in Tech Repair

By Aubri Atkin on May 17, 2024

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Denver, CO – When your phone or other electronics break, it’s more than a minor inconvenience—it’s a disruption that can turn your whole day upside down. Luckily for the people of Denver, Levi Crader of iDenver Repairs is on a mission to not just fix broken screens, but also to restore trust in the tech repair industry.

I sat down with Levi, the heart and soul behind iDenver Repairs, to discuss how he’s creating a service that stands out for its honesty and skill.


Aubri Atkin (AA): Levi, how did you find yourself at the helm of iDenverRepairs?

Levi Crader (LC): It’s been quite the journey, Aubri. Originally, I joined the team as a lead technician and learned the ropes from the previous owner, Mike. When he decided to move on, he saw potential in me to take over the business. It was a seamless transition because of my deep involvement and passion for what we do here.

AA: What range of services do you offer at iDenverRepairs?

LC: We handle more than just phones—we’re equipped to repair tablets, PCs, Macs, and even wearables like watches. Our expertise also extends to more unique items; if we can find parts for it, we’re up for the challenge. Our goal is to fix any device that’s worth repairing.

AA: With such a broad service offering, what would you say is the main problem you solve for your customers?

LC: Beyond repairs, we’re really in the business of problem-solving. Whether it’s a battery issue, a broken camera, or something more obscure, we pride ourselves on our ability to think critically and provide solutions where others might not.

AA: You’ve built a business on transparency and trust. How do you maintain this?

LC: It’s all about honesty and clear communication. I don’t just run a business; I build relationships. We show our customers exactly what their repairs entail including the costs of parts, which cultivates a deep trust and keeps them returning.

AA: Levi, you mentioned accomplishments you’re particularly proud of. Could you expand on that?

LC: Certainly. I’m most proud of the personal growth I’ve experienced and mirrored in the growth of iDenver Repairs. Adaptability is something I value both in myself and in the business. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and become stronger, and I bring that resilience into every aspect of my work.

AA: Alongside running iDenver Repairs, what are some of your personal interests?

LC: I have a varied array of hobbies that keep me balanced. I’m an avid reader, dabble in playing chess, and recently, I’ve started learning to play the piano. I’m also into basketball and drawing. These activities not only enrich my life but also enhance my problem-solving skills which are essential in my work.

AA: Can you tell us more about how iDenver Repairs gives back to the community, including any special services you offer?

LC: We believe strongly in supporting our community. We offer discounts to students and service members, including military personnel and first responders, as a way of giving back to those who serve us all. We also support local charities like Max Fund, an animal shelter. Each Christmas, we set up a donation tree in our lobby for customers to contribute towards toys and needs for shelter animals. It’s just one of the ways we try to make a positive impact.


Levi Crader’s leadership at iDenver Repairs is a perfect example of how personal integrity and professional excellence can elevate a local business into a community pillar. It’s not just about repairing devices; it’s about maintaining a foundation of trust and service that the people of Denver can rely on.

If you’re in Denver and need a reliable, honest tech repair service, look no further than iDenver Repairs. Experience the difference that genuine care and professional expertise can make. Visit their shop today!

2150 S Bellaire St # 100

Denver, CO  80222

United States

+1 303-630-9499

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