Throwing Axes Everywhere! 

By Bobby Dewrell on August 23, 2022

For the past year, Victor “Gonzo” Gonzalez has been helping the people in the Emerald Coast release stress with his Axe on Jacks business. From Pensacola to Panama City, Axe on Jacks brings targets for everyone to throw axes to.

Gonzo started with just a mobile axe throwing range, but now he offers music, cornhole, and anything to entertain folks.

“What makes us different is that we really want you to have fun and we will work with you to see the you have the event you want and that you can afford. Plus, the mobile trailer helps us meet you where you are!”

Most people think this would be a sport only men would enjoy, but he has found that women are also all about it. “The ladies get a couple of drinks and are more than willing to throw things at the target!” 


Located in Fort Walton Beach, Gonzo has been married for 11 years, has 5 wonderful kids and does charity events with the FWB Police Department with the help of his neighbor, Alvin David – AKA Bin Neon – who works with him and does a really beautiful work. Big shoutout to Binx!

Binx Neon
Alvin Davis, AKA Binx Neon, neighbor and friend who collaborates with Gonzo.

 We sat down with this true Local Biz Hero and entrepreneur for a quick interview:

Q: Why did you go into this business? Is there a special story behind it?

A: The absolute love for the sport. When I got out of the military, I was really lost. I didn’t know what to do… I tried a lot of jobs, took some schooling… I just didn’t know what to do. In 2018, I went to work for an axe range and I didn’t look back. This is my passion. I love the sport. This is my home.

Q: What’s the main problem you solve for your customers?

A: A cure for outdoor boredom! With multiple targets, music and other activities for those waiting, it just creates an entertaining atmosphere. It’s about giving them a story to tell when they are done.

Q: What is the most significant event that ever happened to you?

A: Every event that I get to book is an excitement for me. I just love being able to serve.

Q: What’s the most unusual job / client interaction you have ever had? 

A: My very first event. I had small targets, not a lot going on, but had surrounding area was blocked off.  A couple of homeless people packed in and fell asleep behind the targets. When they woke up, they came around and started throwing. They had fun and became my first followers!

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing your business, what would it be?

A: If you don’t know about it, why not just try it in your own backyard. You can build it yourself. Directions are online, YouTube videos, etc. Or call me and I will build it for you! I have several kits that I will personalize.

As an ex-military, Gonzo does his absolute best to bring value to his community, so he works with everyone’s budget. For fellow veterans, he provides discounts on price or even extra time for the budget they have. 

He is looking to work with and mentor veterans transitioning into civilian life. He loves to help those that are looking for entrepreneurship and starting a business, especially if it is in axe throwing and mobile axe throwing business.

For those of you who are looking to have a great time in the Emerald Coast and beyond, call Gonzo at (229) 292-9283 or visit


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