Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio

By Mark Wilkerson on August 2, 2021

Nydia Tijerina Darby

For the past 15 years, Nydia Tijerina Darby and her Nydia’s Yoga Therapy team have been empowering her clients to connect with their true essence through a therapeutic approach to healing and emotional well-being in the North Central San Antonio area.

“What makes us different is our name, and our name is our brand. I operate the business at my home property to promote this as a “Lifestyle.”  I teach by my own life example as I passionately follow a complete body approach to physical and emotional health. We offer physical therapy, orthopedic therapy, spinal care, pelvic health care, neurologic care, and individual counseling sessions.”

Nydia Tijerina Darby is a Therapeutic Yoga Specialist at Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio. She has been running her business in San Antonio with her husband, where she is based since 1999. Prior to that, she was living in McAllen, Texas. The best thing about San Antonio, according to her, is the people and the culture. She believes it is a melting point that provides a very friendly and warm environment. Nydia is not really a big traditional sports fan.  However, she is quite the aficionado of gardening, photography, and videography.

Nydia has been involved in Yoga and teaching informally since 1991.  Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio was formally established in 2006. Her husband, David, provides technical consulting and inspirational support.

Nydia is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to his community. High standards of professionalism and the strong work ethics of small business owners like Nydia are the infrastructures of the San Antonio economy.

Every dollar that Nydia makes goes back to supporting the local business ecosystem and the community as Nydia’s Yoga Therapy supports a variety of local charities.

Nydia Darby

We sat down with Nydia for a quick interview –

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: “I heal my clients with therapeutic yoga training integrated with holistic sanative tools that bring profound changes in their lives. I believe in living my life as a life of service, and at Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio, we do not strive towards running a business but to move people’s lives positively.”

Q: What is the most significant event that happened to you?

A: “Life, in general, is been a constant learning growing experience. I strongly believe in the statement, which is my tagline ‘The only thing that you have to do is breath…’”

Nydia is a fully certified Yoga Teacher and Therapist. She is affiliated with the health department of the University of Texas in San Antonio.

Q: How is your general client interaction?

A: “I have worked with clients that have had major health issues and illnesses. They need a 360-degree cure that not only improves strength, flexibility, and balance but also addresses pain and stress management. My holistic therapy has helped them improve their quality of life and overall health and well-being.

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a Yoga Trainer, what would it be?

A: “Spend time to talk with the person who they intend to hire as a Therapist. It is really important to know your Yoga trainer and feel comfortable with her/him.”

For those of you who are looking for a professional Yoga Trainer for any type of work, Nydia Tijerina Darby and her Nydia’s Yoga Therapy team should be your first choice. She also does live streaming on digital platforms so that she can heal those who are confined in the boundaries of their homes.

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