Why You Should Ditch Overproduced Lotions and Switch to Made-to-Order Pamela’s Potions!

By Timothy W. Joseph on May 25, 2023

Pamela S

Bay Shore, NY – According to a survey by OnePoll in 2019, 60% of Americans over the age of 16 suffer from “winter skin syndrome. ” 25% live with dry, itchy skin all year round.

Why is that? We’ve all seen advertisements for lotions and moisturizers, and you can find entire aisles filled with such items. Yet, despite having all these products on the market, large portions of the population are still plagued with skin trouble. Pamela Christy Allen believes she has a solution to America’s skin care problems. Pamela’s Potions All-Natural Bath, Body & Skin Care has been providing the very best oils for skin care and health to the Bay Shore, NY area since 2008.

In Pamela’s own words, “Our bodies absorb oils, but lotions just sit on the surface.” This is something few people have considered.  Our bodies naturally produce oils, yet most skin care products on the market are lotions and creams. Many include artificial ingredients and chemicals rather than all-natural ingredients that our bodies can absorb and readily use. This explains the business’s tagline, “Nourish your skin from the outside in.”

Admittedly, Pamela likely never thought about this either until a small accident in the kitchen lead to her insightful discovery. When her son was about two years old, she was busy in the kitchen when he began to tug on her skirt. Distracted by her toddler’s antics, she spilled some olive oil on the counter. Without ready access to a rag or towel to clean up the spill, she simply used her own arm. Sometime later, this accident resulted in her “Eureka!” moment when she found that the part of her arm that was exposed to the oil was much smoother and softer than the rest of her skin.

That revelation was just the start for Pamela. She experimented with different formulas and recipes for years. At the urging of friends and family who used her products, she began selling them professionally. It was the same son who had caused the initial spill years earlier who at age 8 suggested the business name of Pamela’s Potions.

Pamela’s Potions sets itself apart from other skin care lines, because her products are made to order. Customers can have their Potions customized with different scents and/or different formulations to account for things like rare allergies. Most of her products are allergen friendly already due to her son’s own allergies. They are mostly nut and dairy-free. Pamela is currently working on finding vegan-friendly alternatives for the few products that still rely on animal products to achieve their effects.

Pamela advises, “Stop using toxic skin care. Just like local businesses are vital to our economy as a whole, so too is your skin health vital to your overall well being.”

In addition to selling customized skin care products, Pamela says, “I do Potions parties where the host will invite some of their friends over to try the products with the only cost being what the participants end up purchasing. I also do free mini-manicures using my Nail Conditioning Manicure/Pedicure Oil. I also have shaving foams & beard oils, so my products aren’t just for women.”

Pamela is a breast cancer survivor and feels that experience enabled her to “come out stronger on the other side.” She says, “While going through radiation therapy, the process damages the skin leaving most people’s skin looking dry and burnt. I didn’t want that to be me. So, I used my Extra Moisturizing Body Butter after each treatment and after showering. Even though I was 47 at the time of my radiation, thanks to that routine, I experienced not one skin change. It is also how I started working with Breast Cancer charities.”

Pamela has been involved with the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition for over nine years. She first became aware of them during her own treatment. Today, the foundation uses Pamela’s products in some of their gift bags. Pamela also  participates in their fundraiser events.  Pamela is also involved with the organization Love Your Allies. They provide “A Hug in a Box” with proceeds going to Drive Hope Forward.  Links to both organizations are on the company’s  website under the navigation  Pamela’s Potions Gives.

Pamela is  a nutrition and wellbeing coach. She is  Nutritious Life Master Certified as well as a Certified GetFit 21 Coach. Pamela is also what we like to call a Local Business Hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to her community. She is a native New Yorker, Pamela who is an avid fan of the Mets, Yankees and Islanders. She said she would “love to be a Giants and Jets fan again. I’m hoping that Aaron Rogers can make that happen.”

For those who are looking for quality, all-natural, holistic skin care products, look no further than Pamela’s Potions All-Natural Bath, Body & Skin Care. Call Pamela’s Potions at (631) 835-9479 or visit pamelaspotions.com – to try some of her Potions for yourself. You’ll swear they are truly magic!

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