Find Artwork that Speaks to Who You Are Through the Fine Art of Jenn!

By Timothy W. Joseph on June 15, 2023

Jennifer Turner

Chicago, IL – After the lockdowns over the last few years, things are starting to return to some form of normalcy. However, we aren’t going back to the way we were before as there are certain aspects of our societies and ourselves that have changed forever. Jennifer Turner has transformed this collective sense of metamorphosis into her latest art collection entitled Emergence.

These art pieces are mixed media abstract created using paper and real butterflies, paints and other three-dimensional elements. Oh, and don’t fret as no butterflies were harmed or killed in the creation of these breathtaking works. All of these specimens are ethically raised and died of natural causes at butterfly farms, reserves and other such places before being sold to museums, collectors and artists like Jenn. The use of real butterflies adds natural beauty while augmenting the undeniable uniqueness to each composition.

Even if you don’t know much about art, you should be able to appreciate the clear masterful techniques and vision that Jenn has been honing for over 12 years as a professional artist.

Describing her own artistic journey, she had this to say, “I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. I used to work in web design and graphics, but the feeling of working in those fields doesn’t come close to the peace and solace I feel when creating these physical pieces. Turning this form of art into a business was just a natural progression from what I was supposed to do into what I want to do.” As part of this progression, she went to Sotheby’s Institute of Art earning her Art Business and Art History Certificate.

While there are plenty of existing pieces for clients to peruse and purchase at, Jenn also accepts requests for custom artwork based on her current collection. If you are looking for conversational pieces, backgrounds to enhance spaces or a form of personal expression, Jenn is more than willing to work with you to craft the perfect piece for your needs. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more would a personalized masterwork be worth to you?

Custom artwork is not the only way that Jenn is willing to go above and beyond for her art. Jenn told me about a memorable experience related to her artwork being showcased as part of the prestigious Miami Beach Art Basel Fair. “I needed to ship a piece for the Prizm fair that takes place during Art Basel week in Miami, but I was still in London at the time. So, my son came up from Texas to Chicago to ship the work to Miami for me. The carrier we were using lost the package. In order to display my artwork at the fair with the Black Artisan + Designer’s Guild, I had to create a brand-new piece for them in London over the next 3 days, and then hand delivere that piece to them in Miami.” Thankfully, her work was not in vain, and the piece sold there.

Jenn’s business centers around the Chicago region of Illinois, but she has displayed and sold her artwork all over the US and Canada. She is a self-professed “travel junkie”, but despite visiting or living in places like Atlanta, London and Miami, she says, “I always find myself coming back here. There’s just no place like Chicago. Chicago just has the best food, the best people; even the rude people here are better than the rude ones in other places.”

Her branches might extend to far-away places, but her roots are firmly planted in the Chicago area, and they are intertwined with such local organizations as the Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists and Evanston Made. And like most Chicagoans, Jenn is an avid sports fan. She can be found rooting for the Bulls, the Bears, and the Chicago Sky.

If you are interested in finding works of art that speak to your soul, are looking for a way to express yourself, or want something one-of-a-kind to decorate a space, then let Jennifer Turner help you with your artistic needs. You can view and purchase her work or book an appointment to commission a personalized piece at They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you can’t see the beauty in these mixed media abstract works from Fine Art of Jenn, you might want to get your eyes checked.

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