A Community of Yoga & Wellness Aiming to Cultivate Good Vibes

By Les Cseh on July 9, 2021

Good Vibes Yoga

It is no secret at this point that yoga has countless health benefits both for the mind and body.

Mike Giaimo, the owner of Good Vibes Yoga, is a beloved yoga teacher in the Nutley, NJ area. His studio Good Vibes Yoga offers Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Warm Vinyasa Yoga to their clients. And boy, do their clients have some glowing reviews for Mike and Good Vibes Yoga!

Mike has made it a point to set his studio apart from the competition by creating a friendly and welcoming environment. He came up with the name Good Vibes Yoga because he felt it was a trendy saying that captured an ethos he subscribed to a lot.

Before opening the Yoga Studio, Mike used to work in sales. He did not feel purposeful in his job and decided to start his own yoga studio. Yoga has helped Mike a lot in his life, and he wants everyone to experience the healing power of yoga. Mike lost his brother when he was in high school. It has
impacted Mike for a long span but he would eventually find relief and emotional support through yoga.

Mike has made it his mission to propagate the message of Good Vibes to all his students. He has also made it a point to create a warm and friendly environment in his studio. He believes that the community built around a practice is an essential thing in yoga. Good vibes yoga makes sure to provide ways that each student can work at their practice as appropriate to the physical and spiritual needs of that individual. They also have showers, changing rooms, and a fully-fledged Kombucha bar. Mike has 11 teachers in his yoga studio, and he values the different styles and approaches that each teacher brings. He made it a point to mention the importance of these teachers who bring a wide variety of yoga practices to his studio for their students.

Mike Giaimo

Mike is a warm and endearing yoga teacher. He is also an upstanding citizen as he believes in giving back to the community that has shown him so much, love. He supports several local charities and veterans’ programs. He also offers discounts for seniors, veterans, and students in his yoga studio. As far as his personal life goes, Mike enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, Music, & and of course, practicing yoga. If you are looking for a yoga studio that will make you feel welcome, then Good vibes yoga is the place that you want to sign up with.

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