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By Les Cseh on July 9, 2021

Jennifer Brandon

Jennifer Brandon had a high flying career as a band manager in the music industry where she worked with bands like The Like, Pete Yorn, and Audioslave, Phantom Planet, and many more. The demands of touring and overseeing musicians took over her life and by the time 2006 rolled around, her nervous system was wrecked – she constantly felt anxious and depressed for not being strong enough to “make it”. Jennifer’s “mind chatter” was overwhelming.

Addiction also had quite a grip over her from the lifestyle of endless nights. She felt not only disconnected from herself and others but from what felt like the entire universe. It was only upon discovering Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in Los Angeles that she found a way to recalibrate her nervous system, heal mentally, and address her myriad of pressing health issues.

Realizing the absence of a Kundalini Yoga studio in Dallas is ultimately is what led Jennifer to open her own to introduce the community to this practice. Kundalini Yoga is a mix of easy yoga sets, breathing, meditation, and relaxation. At the heart of Jennifer’s teaching is for her clients to claim personal sovereignty over their own bodies and minds. Her unique approach to teaching coupled with Kundalini Yoga’s easy breathing techniques, movement, and meditation opens her clients to release stress, anxiety, depression, whatever condition they need to address, and ultimately leads them to live and experience their best life.

Kundalini Yoga Dallas serves the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Plano, and Waco areas. Folks from all walks of life ranging in age from 25-70 make up the greatest part of her clientele. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Jennifer spent the majority of her childhood in Dallas when her parents decided to move back. She attended High School at Ursuline Academy and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Finance degree. After college, Jennifer lived in Los Angeles where she worked in the music industry but returned about 10 years ago as Dallas is home.

Jennifer believes that what sets her apart from other yoga instructors is the fact that she teaches from a place of deep understanding of her client’s needs, listens to what led them to Kundalini Yoga, and teaches with pure transparency. She has created a safe environment to help her clients activate
their inherent talents. She also states that she infuses her passion, humor, honesty, life experiences into each class where she curates a specific theme (prosperity, glandular health, new and full moon energy, etc.), a strong intention for the highest good, and where students can have a better experience of life by learning the transformational tools of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga Dallas

As a music aficionado, she integrates mantras and high vibrational music from popular and esoteric genres. However, her one true gift she honors with immense gratitude is her relationship with playing the Gong and sound in general. Jennifer concludes each in-person class with a Gong sound healing – a pleasantly intense, healing, and activating experience on its own.

Jennifer would like to take the time to mention Leslie and Sterling Whitmore, who allowed her to use a room at their Liberated Children’s House-Montessori Preschool when she was first getting started in her business.

Jennifer has now been in business for three years! She also has some pretty great reviews on Google and her Kundalini Yoga Dallas Facebook page as well. Quoting from one “Jennifer puts a lot of heart and soul into her agenda and preparation.”

Stop into Kundalini Yoga Dallas and “Discover Your Authenticity” if you are in need of relaxation and stress relief, so you can live and experience your best life.

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