Weidner Construction wants to Partner with you to build your next Project

By Jacqui Meeks on July 9, 2021

Mike Weidner

As president of Weidner Construction Company, Mike Weidner works closely with his clients to guide their designs into reality and make a meaningful impact on the landscape.

Mike employs 25 dedicated individuals including his 2 children Kelsi and Levi whom he envisions one day being at the helm as they are receiving firsthand, practical knowledge and experience of running a successful business.  The entire team works cohesively, to deliver on their promise to focus on the design and building process within the client’s budget and on time.

Weidner Construction is in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania and is conveniently located at 10 Kacey Rd.  As a commercial builder, Mike and his team work on small and large projects and their size affords them the flexibility to expand their reach within a 60-mile radius or beyond in special cases should a job warrant their services. Mike relocated to Mechanicsburg from Chambersburg, his hometown in 2017 to be closer to his business and reduce his long commute.  He likes living there and being a part of the community.

Mike’s journey was not clear cut, but each experience paved the path to where he is today, as a successful business owner.  He dreamt as a young man to build a house as the process intrigued him, but he lacked the skillset.  In 1982 he attended the Vo-Tech in lieu of college but was met with disappointment when he was not accepted into the carpentry program.  Not to be deterred, Mike pivoted and enrolled in Machine Shop instead. After graduation, Mike was employed by the best home builder in town, but the pay was low, and it was only part-time.  This forced him to seek additional employment at the Post Office. Later, another pivotal moment occurred at both jobs when he was given the opportunity to upgrade to a full-time position at either job. He stayed on with the home builder and never looked back.

As someone who is always evolving and improving, his dream of having his own business resurfaced. Mike did not attend college, so this seemed like a daunting task.  However, with a lot of determination, hard work, and the support of some key people in his life, his dream was realized.   His level of dedication is evidenced in the quality of his designs and the unparalleled services he delivers to his customers from whom there is no shortage of accolades.  As one satisfied customer states “Highly professional and amazing to work with. Really made the process smooth and efficient” Another Google reviewer states.” They are highly professional in their approach, committed to the work they deliver, and willing to do what is needed. ”

Weidner Construction is a top-notch business as Mike aspires to give each client a boutique-like experience where the relationship is built on trust and differentiated by a commitment to excellence and on-time delivery.

Mike is not all work and no play; he does enjoy a good football game and if the team playing is the Steelers, then he bleeds black and gold. He also loves taking his motorcycle out on the open road and sponsors an annual company ride for Employees, Subcontractors, Clients, Friends, and Family, which he enjoys. He does like to fish and takes mini fishing trips to places like Lake Erie, Pa. and Ocean City, Md.

The business has continued to grow since 2013.  Mike focuses on people because he knows they are his greatest assets. Staff is assigned with not just relative experience, but also the personality that aligns with the Clients’, providing services via open book.  This allows the clients to be a part of both Professional and Subcontractor selections and are examples of going outside the normal process but illustrates the integrity of Weidner Construction and what sets them apart from the rest.

This ensures a great partnership.  Mike states “Our goal is to be our client’s trusted partner in the project. We take every project personally.”  Mike Weidner and Weidner Construction want to partner with you on your next project.  You will not regret it.  You will experience quality craftmanship in a safe environment and service excellence, in motion.

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