Airbnb Investors- Why the Dominican Republic Needs To Be On Your Radar

By Les Cseh on September 13, 2022

Airbnb investing is a hot trend right now. It’s a great way to earn passive income and it’s a way to diversify your portfolio so that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

So where should you invest?

The answer is pretty simple: choose international locations. You can make good money off of an investment in the States. But if you want a better return and a beautiful year-round vacation property that you can use yourself, you should have a look outside of our borders, starting with the Dominican Republic. Specifically, Punta Cana on the east coast.

Before going into the many reasons why Punta Cana should be on your radar, let’s meet Shameekah Melvin, International Sales Agent with the well-known Keller Williams real estate firm.

Shameekah not only specializes in real estate in Punta Cana, she is also a Metaverse real estate agent in TropyVerse, which Keller Williams is launching in January!

She is based in the Covington area of Georgia, having moved from the cold winters of New Jersey with her fiancé and kids.

As a serial entrepreneur, she is super active on social media. In fact, she meets most of her investor clients on Facebook. Facebook even offered to pay her to produce content using Reels, their latest feature.

Her real estate investor clients did not need much convincing. Check this out:

  • Top location for short-term rentals and tourism with a 90% occupancy rate.
  • Spectacular beaches and any activity you could ever want to do.
  • One of the safest areas in the Dominican Republic. You can safely go off resort.
  • Many flights from most major U.S. centers, and Punta Cana has its own airport, just a short easy layover away.
  • Real estate deals can be done incredibly quickly, as fast as 1 week for action takers!

The advantages and ease of investing in real estate in Punta Cana are so compelling that 75% of her clients buy without even traveling to see the property.

See for yourself how friendly and helpful Shameekah is, and learn more about how easily you can own recreation property in the Dominican Republic.

Call Shameekah at (678) 489-1250 or send her an email at

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